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Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by skidaddlejuice, May 27, 2013.

  1. I just came across about 250 bucks luckily buy selling a few race tickets to make things short. Im wanting  to spend it all or just about all on a really nice percolated bong. I have a nice collection already with mostly all having percs but nothing too ridiculous. Ive never had this much to spend and i want a bong with as many bad ass percs and things as possible. Ive seen a few triple honeycomb bongs i like but i just want something that will really just blow you away. I appreciate any advice i feel kinda dumb buying another bong since i already have a few but I wan the ultimate one hahaha 

  2. Buy a vape! Da buddha costs 180$ and it's really worth the investment. I have one and I've already made my money back from the small amount of weed I need to make me high! Or you could save until you have 400 dollars and buy a nice ROOR. 
  3. i looked those up and for the price i wish I wouldve gotten that instead of my magic flight box! but im gonna end up buying a 160 dollar inline zob or a double showerhead zob for 260 
  4. I'd shoot for a stemline, faceted disk, showerhead/cap, anything gridded.
  5. if i had 250 to kill id get an incredibowl i420 w/ a bub attachment, the mflb glass straw fits nice in there too
  6. Get a nice ass vape, something like the Pax or the Arizer Solo! 

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