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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Feelin'Alright, Aug 10, 2008.

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    I leave for work in about 20 mins. so I need some responses fast.

    Well, last night I rolled balls on some bomb ass jump-offs and my friend still has one left over and will sell it to me for 20 beans AT WORK. I just need to know if anyone has come across Red Aliens, I don't think that was one of the ones I took last night but the ones I did take fucked me sideways.

    Also, I'm located in NC, if location may effect the potency or legitimacy of it.
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    Really, now? Nobody might happen to know?

    Fuck it, I already took it. The guy said I could pay him if it was legit, which he promises me it is. And if I come to him at work tomorrow and it was bogus, he said don't worry about it and I won't owe him anything. Good to have hookups at work.

    Popped it about 20 mins or so ago. I'll let you know how it goes.

    Edit: it's been like an hour almost and I can't really tell a difference between before I took it and now. Shit is probably something fake. Dude just lost some potential business.
  3. Still bad?

    Sorry you didn't get original responses..... I read your thread about an hour after you posted it, but I had no idea.

    Its been a while now though.... hope you're blasted!
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    I was feeling like maybe it is bogus but I'm starting to get some kinda buzz or maybe its all mental.

    I read on Erowid that onset maybe be as long as 1.5 hours so I'm hoping that it might be because of 1) tolerance or 2) too low a dose for my size. Or maybe this shit is just some low grade amphetamines because I've got that Aderall feeling but the euphoria hasn't really gotten to me.

    Last night the ones I took had me geeeeekin' the fuck out. But I also hit up a little powder right after I popped the rollies. I was so jacked I don't think I had a come-up on the MDMA, I just all of a sudden realized that I was fucking GONE! Played the drums on Rock Band for like 2 hours straight and didn't even notice it had been that long. Not until people were all trying to get my attention and I was like locked onto that shit like whoa! They came to get me and were like "You've been inside for 2 hours. We thought you were fucked up, passed out or something."
  5. anytime someone tells you "you dont have to pay me if its bunk" that means they A. know its bunk or B. have no faith in their product due to other customers not buying more which means its A.

    and he'll probably be like "what no way everyone told me they were fire, your just trying to jack me cuz i told you not to pay if it was bunk, your fuckin with me give me my 20 bucks"
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    I'm not paying this guy a damn cent. I'm just gonna tell him it was shitty product and that if anyone asks me about his shit then I'm not gonna say its all fake, but at least that one time I got from him it was. Should make him think twice about just handing out bogus shit like that and expecting me to come back and be like "Here's your money, even though it didn't do shit." I dunno, maybe this guy didn't even know himself 'cause he doesn't usually handle XTC. Just weed mostly and blow sometimes.

    And yeah, "it's some fire" is so cliche around here. It translates into more like "product quality not as advertised." Anytime you hear that about something, turn around and run. But he didn't even say that he was just like, "It's a Red Alien, the same shit I popped last night." And he was out there at the party I was at but a few different people had X out there so it could have been from God knows where.

    I do know one thing though: I ain't sleepin' tonight. This ain't no real MDMA but it is some sort of stimulant. Plus, I was up from 9am Saturday morning until now, which is Monday morning at 1am. I'm 8 hours short of being up for two days straight. Gonna suck when I start crashin' and I have to work tomorrow.
  7. was it maybe a meth bomb?
  8. Well, I know it wasn't meth cause I know what an amphetamine buzz is like. At first it came on a bit strong but then the buzz faded really quickly. Probably a lot of caffeine and maybe something else, ephedrine or something.

    I haven't been to sleep yet, either. I've goin' without sleep for 51 hours. See how long I can manage to stay awake. Not like I want to but I have to take care of so much shit today and then go to work at 5:00pm. It's almost 1:00pm where I'm at.

    Sucks so bad. I tried to lay down and hope I fell asleep but, alas, my mind could not grasp the concept of "STFU." Like having a million thoughts running at once. I have Tuesday off, thank God. I might sleep the whole fucking day. Go get some Diphenhydramine and zonk out.

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