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  1. In the past few odd years, I've switched from a lifetime of being an outdoor growing connoisseur, to a baby feeling around in the dark, tryito grow indoors now. But I will say that the last 3years have taught me so much.
    Being an Ol' school outdoor man from the past, my techniques for dealing with pests " thrips, aphids and mites, ect..." From the past havn`t been working the best for me.
    Does anybody know a reasonably priced and effective yet safe for cannabis product, that I could find at somewhere like Walmart, Ace Hardware, or Tractor Supply..."
    Please, my grow is nowhere near in trouble, yet. But i would much rather nip it in the bud (so to say lol) before it's too late.
    Any input would be very much appreciated.

    BTW- I also release like 5000 or so lady bugs all over my entire grow lab every year. (Very helpful). So, just keep that in mind

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  2. Product for what? What is the infestation?

    *I've used Safer 3-in-1 for a variety of problems. Potassium salts of fatty acids and some sulfur. It's available at most hardware stores.
  3. same here, I tried to bring my organic garden inside. Nope. I was just talking about it on the gnat thread. So this Bugbee mix is 50/50 peat/vermiculite (with trace lime and gypsum) and it is very clean for indoor use. The peat is a pain you know, but I use this Jacks Deadbug as a wetting agent and pest deterrent. A pint is about $20 and I use only a few ml per gallon, unexact. But it smells good like when you walked into the hardware store in the good old days. It was used for years under a different name until the Californians outlawed it.
  4. Lady Bugz* There fuckin smokin all the shiz

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  5. Neem oil is your friend. Leaf safe spray and soil spray

    $10 @ Walmart Home Depot Lowe’s. Or similar places if outside us.


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