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  1. Everything is looking beautiful so far, things are about 3-4 weeks into bud......should be getting big fast soon..... So anyways I just finally got some Tiger Bloom, final flush, and PK 13/14. I added the tiger yesterday and they loved it. My question is since I was using regular blooming chem ferts before with slow actiong organics should I flush it with final flush and start over with the Tiger Bloom? The plants have been growing for 4 months and so there may be a salt build up...I got the final flush because of the location bringing out 30 gallons of water is not possible lol. So anyways heres the question to Flush or not to flush.

    Oh and I think next week might be my PK week. Should I wait until the buds from different nodes really start forming a big bud and fill out or when is the best time to add the PK? Its hard to know

    PS Im glad its warming up again ahhhh
  2. It doesn't hurt to give the plants a flush. SOme do it once a week. Some more, some less. When in doubt..wip it out...(thats something else), When in doubt--_- FLUSH !
    PS Im glad its warming up again ahhhh[/quote]

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