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  1. Okay im looking for some first hand advice or just advice in general i guess. Its my senior year of high school and i am done. period. for the past three years i have played the game. have 3.7, in national honors society, band, theater, model United Nations, got a 2000 on my SAT. model student i guess. but i really want to drop out. get my GED. go to a cheap community college for a couple years. get my associates or bachelors and just fuckin start my life. i am sick of my family. Is this a good idea? will i be able to make a decent, comfortable living? i mean like a small house or nice apartment with a beater car and some decent furniture. im not a materialistic person. good music, good bud, good friends.

    btw to you flamers im 18. otherwise i couldnt drop out unless my mom would sign off on it (thats laughable)

    im just in need of some help
  2. sometimes the non materialistic life is the way to go
    you really gotta ask yourself though
    if your not interested in money or success then fuck school
    do what you really love
    go join the peace corps or something
  3. funny that you say that, i am actually going to join something like the peace corps. A little different because you choose where you go and it only for a year, whereas the peace corps is two I believe. I have been entertaining the notion of joining a whale ship to fight whaling in and around Japan. You have to eat a vegan diet, but shouldn't be too much of a problem since I am already a vegetarian.
  4. also if this helps my previous plan was to graduate high school and go to a nice college. I was going to major in either History (and teach on the high school level), Music Education (as a band director of a high school), or double major in neuroscience and psychology (my number one choice). So the only thing holding me back/fear is that i wind up in 5-10 years kicking myself in the ass for being a fuck up and wishing i had gone along with the system. but i dont really see that happening i guess? idk, im pretty smart/resourceful and i could see myself making the best of any situation.
  5. No man, just stick it out, you only have like 7 months left and it will be so worth it.

    You already tried hard this far, dont make all that work pointless.
  6. good GPS and great SAT, you have to of applied to come good colleges right? Just wait til you get accepted to where you want to go and then let the "senioritus" set in
  7. al that work for a ged? stick it out and u will find college much better prob the best time of your life!
  8. no i havent applied to any yet. that sound like a plan i guess. im failing one class now with a 25% and have A's in the rest but a C in AP brit lit. so idk. thank you for the advice though Nutsymtom.
    and Kush, i dont really see the work as pointless, just a chapter in my life. But i am listening to what you said about it being worth it. thanks for the advice.
  9. chubyd the work isnt really an issue for me. i just cannot stand the situation i am in. Like i said, i would probably get my GED and then go to a community college for my Associates. that is just as good as a high school graduate with an associates according to articles and studies i have read. but yeah i bet college is way better than high school.
  10. honestly all i've ever heard from high school/college counselors is that the GED is much worse than a diploma..
  11. hmm. that is what i have heard too, but from what i have read if i get my associates then that will level the playing field, for employers will not care about how i graduated high school, but that i went to college and got my associates.
  12. Ya man, as people have said on here before, employers do notice the difference between a GED and a real diploma. Dont fuck yourself over man.

    Just suck it up, smoke mad bud, and make it this last half year till freedom.
  13. I believe it was told to me when I went to go get my GED is that 80% of graduating seniors cannot pass the GED.
    Back to the question. No I don't think you should drop out. I dropped out my senior year for different reasons. It's been 9 years since I dropped out and I seriously regretted it. Finish out your year and move out. Or move out and finish out your year. I spent my junior year going to school fulltime, working 5 hours a night, and being a fulltime wife and mother on top of all that. Sure your family may suck right now but it's not worth looking back and wishing that you could've finished school.
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    My Advice: keep playing the game, stay focused and stay in school. Try to look at your future in a more dispassionate way. Seldom do the emotions of the moment translate into a sound foundation for decisions whose impications and outcomes may be far off in the future. This is going to sound like a parent advising you but what the hell, you have to stay focused on your education bro. Unless you have some other skill or mission that's consuming you and that's profitable keep on your present course. Stay focused on the goal of what a good education will bring you; understand the opportunities that are opened to you when you apply yourself fully and without restraint. Don't try to take the easy path to a comfortable lifestyle, cultivate your potential. The best way to do this is by getting a good education. Fill your mind and the chances are much better that you'll find whatever you might be looking for. Underachieving will only net you what little you're willing to give.

    Wish you luck bro.

  15. wow yeah some powerful stuff. haha its cool you don't sound like a parent or anything, just someone who seems like they know what they are talking about. I will seriously consider what you have said, especially the part about emotions of the moment. i will sit on my decision making for awhile for sure.

  16. i have been told this as well. I am pretty confident in myself, and i would study if i had to, which i assume is highly advisable.

    Yeah i would hate having to live with regret, something i will think about....
  17. i for one say stay in school the rest of the time. i dropped out my senior year. like 2 months before the end, all because i didnt want to take summer school to make up a credit i needed. biggest mistake ever. living paycheck to paycheck isnt worth it man. i am 27. i had lots of goals when i was younger. but i fucked it all off. thats a thread for another day. you are only contemplating dropping out because you are young and naive. get mad all you want. you have no idea what life is all about. im not saying that you cant be happy if you drop out. im happy. but im not successful. not yet anyway. i have plans still. but alot of things have happened. wish i had went to college back then when i was younger. now things are alot harder. dont make i hard on yourself by not finishing hs and going to college, its not worth it.
  18. yeah rohawkj that generally seems to be the consensus. I wasn't really expecting people to comment and say "yeah i dropped out got my GED. life is going great. best desicion." just looking for experiences and advice. thanks. guess ill probably stick it out, definently the consensus in this form. However i might finish out the year at an online high school, idk. a member pm'ed me about it. seems like an interesting alternative...
  19. whatever you do is your choice. can not let anyone make your decisions for you. in my opinion its best to stay where you are at. doesnt sound like you will be motivated enough to do it on your own online. just IMO. good luck whatever you do.

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