Need Some advice! Passed out after smoking too much shisha.

Discussion in 'General' started by C0rr0sive, Jul 10, 2017.

  1. Heyo, so I've been using hookahs for a while now, and I quite regularly smoke cigs and the green as well. So trust me when I say this was a strange thing that has never happened to me before. So I just recently moved to Florida, and when I move to new places, I like to go around and find the best places to chill.

    One of those places being hookah bars. I had went to one a few days ago, and it was pretty chill. I smoked for about an hour or so, all was good (as usual), and went home. So a few days go by and yesterday happened, where I went to this hookah bar and it was a different one. I had been exceptionally stressed before going yesterday. Just had a really shit day.

    Well this one had a much more relaxed environment, and I was just focused on chilling and feeling better. Well I'm smoking away and go through two bowls in a couple hours. (I've done this before and nothing bad ever happened) But I start feeling strange. I get jittery, start to dry heave, and when I checked my pulse, it was insanely high. So I get up to try and go to the bathroom, and wham - I black out. I don't even remember it happening, all I remember is waking up with like three guys around me, one of which being my friend, and I start tripping a little. I was sweaty af upon waking up, and felt like shit. But after getting some air and food in me I didn't feel as terrible, but still felt bad.

    Flash forward to today, I could barely sleep last night. Tossed and turned all night. Have a headache, feeling a little queasy, and just feeling like crap overall. Should I be tripping? Should I go to see a doctor? What should I do?

    Also, if it helps any or is at all relevant, here's this bit of info:
    Didn't eat or drink anything all day before I went, hadn't smoked much the last few days (trying to cut back), and was far more stressed than the usual.
  2. Just over did the smoking especially on a empty stomach. Your blood sugar was low and when you smoke it messes with your blood pressure and if you have a empty stomach that makes it that much worse.
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  3. So just make sure you have a full belly and are hydrated and don't smoke like it's going out of style lol
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  4. So I don't have to worry about having to go to the hospital or nothing?
  5. You got nicotine poisoning buddy, you don't feel the effects while sitting but once you get up, you're fucked lol

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  6. So should I go to the hospital?
  7. Read the thread I posted. I'm not you so I can't decide wether you should or not, but most people are ok with just a little rest and a little break from smoking hookah

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  8. You don't need to go to the hospital man your fine. Just relax. Just don't smoke hookah for a while and when you do go easy on it and do what I said, in regards to the food and drink. Also you may just have a cold or something that happened around the same time it could just be that. If it gets Way worse then yea go to a docter other wise just take it easy billy. :) have a good one
  9. Anyone who goes unconscious for the first time needs to be checked out, unless you're sure of what caused it. And just because you hadn't eaten you shouldn't have a low blood sugar unless you have a health problem.
  10. When you haven't eaten or drank water all day, your blood pressure or something to that degree is effected compounded by the fact he was in a room with poor oxygen seems to me to be the perfect recipe to pass out. But I do agree Ed I know I'm certainly no doctor so maybe OP should go to one. I think maybe wait like half a day and see ?
  11. You have to remember that not all shisha/tobacco/bud is created equal. You probably smoked more concentrated shisha or it was filtered less. Like going from Marlboro to rolled handmade cigs, it's a hell of a step up.

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