Need Some Advice On When To Harvest? When Will Buds Be Ready?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by twinnybhoy, Jun 19, 2013.

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    How long roughly till buds will be ready? This is my first grow so need some help 2013-06-19 12.01.39.jpg 2013-06-15 15.10.31.jpg 2013-06-18 17.53.14.jpg 2013-06-19 12.01.13.jpg 2013-06-18 17.50.55.jpg
  2. Long time. How long have you been flowering? When all of those little buds form into big colas and fill in and the pistles start to turn brown you will be close.
  3. Count 70 should be pretty happy with that
  4. Iv been flowering for about 3 week maybe 4...thanks for the advice
  5. Guesstimate 4-6 weeks. Your plant will let you know. When the pistols change color and pull back in to the bud there ready, plus fan leaves will yellow and fall off.

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