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Need some advice on tolarance problems.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Blunt Visions, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Let me start of by saying that I love weed! Well i've been smoking for about 2 years now, and normally I would get high and be satisfied, that's until the new year started.

    From the moment I went back to school from winter break. I haven't been able to get "high" that much at all. I mean, I can tell that the weed is in my system and it is working. But I haven't been able to pass the threshold of what I consider to be high. It's just been a little buzz in the body, and it only lasts about 20 minutes tops.

    It's not like the stuff i'm getting is weak, I usually smoke with other people and they say it's good stuff. Also, I don't smoke everyday either. Although, I smoked that whole week I came back, but after that it's been on and off.

    At one point I decide to take a week off, it was a success and I did pass the threshold, but I took another week off and I didn't really get high at all. Also, it doesn't matter how much weed I smoke. I could go through a whole 1/8 in a day and still won't feel much at all, except being tired as hell.

    I'm not sure if it's just tolerance and I need to take a month off or my body is changing. But whatever it is it really sucks. I'm honestly at the point of just quitting for good, but I love weed :(.

    My dealer just got a vaporizer, so as soon as I get back from spring break, i'm going to try it out. Maybe I need to stop smoking for a while, I don't know. Wish me good luck guys.:wave:
  2. Dude im the same exact way right now, Im stopping today until the 29th, Im hoping a little more then a week will lower my tolerance some.
  3. Lol, hell if this vaporizer doesn't work out I won't smoke til 4/20, and I will be dammed if I don't get super baked at all that day.
  4. I never tried a vape, but i hear they're amazing. If you stop smoking now till 4/20 your tolerance will be extremely low. especially if your in shape and exercise a lot. The only reason im not going longer then the 29th is cause im having a party then, so i gotta smoke at my own party haha

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