need some advice on smell and heat ventilation.....

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  1. Hi all. I'm starting my first grow in my closet on June 1st. I'm in need of some advice regarding the ventilation.

    First, here is what I am working with:

    Grow space is 8' high X 2.5' wide X 1.75' deep, about 4.5 square feet in area and 35 cubic feet in volume.
    Sunleaves ArcticSun reflector, 6" tubing vents on either side
    Sunleaves WindTunnel 6 for light ventilation (6" duct openings, 70 watts, 409 cfm)
    I have not decided on either 250, 400 or 600 watt lights yet, but it will be one of the three.

    To keep the light from building heat, I planned on having the fan intake air from an adjacent air conditioned closet, blow it over the light and vented through the ceiling of the grow space into the attic.

    For odor control, I originally planned on having another WindTunnel fan with carbon filter on the intake, vented through the ceiling of the grow space into the attic also.

    Here is where I need some advice.
    Can I put the carbon filter on one end of the reflector and have the one fan intake through the filter, over the light and then vent through the ceiling into the attic? I have read that you should always blow air over your light, not suck it over the light. I guess the heat interferes with the fan's parts. That is the only reason I was going with the two fan setup in the first place. However, if it isn't that big of a deal, I'd rather go with the one fan setup because of ease of install. Nothing in the WindTunnel fan documentation says anything about it either way.

    I'm just looking for the best setup to control the heat from the light and smell. Those are of paramount importance for me (and most others, I would assume). I don't have a problem using the two fan system if that is clearly the better way to go.

    Thanks in advance GC!!
  2. there is also a HEPA filtered air intake at the bottom of the grow space, pulling fresh air from the same air conditioned adjacent closet. Sorry, forgot to add that.
  3. I would advise sucking air through the reflector and using a 600W if you have a 6" fan. As long as the air has somewhere to go then you are fine. Only problem with having carbon on hood is that there are air leaks in the hood so you will get traces of stink that pull through those cracks but it shouldn't be considerable to any degree. I have my fans setup to pull air through the hood as you tend to get better cooling if you push air through the hood you will force hot air out of the leaks into the grow room reducing overall ventilation. With that grow space and a 6" Fan on a 600W you could leave the fan running 24/7 sucking hood air with carbon on hood and just have a passive intake from the other room.
  4. Thanks, Bohbo. That def. seems like the way I'm leaning.

    For the record, I'm only nursing one plant (for now, future holds maybe two on ScroG) Do you think the 600W is overkill? I have really been leaning towards 250W, with some T-5 strip lights if needed. I'd much rather use just the MH/HPS lamp if I can, but I worry that the 400 and 600 watt lights are too intense for the space/amount of plants. I don't want heat to become a problem, and I most certainly don't want to light burn my plant.

  5. Yes

    Preface: MH = CMH (conversion MH) MH bulb for HPS ballast

    I think a switchable 600/400W Digital or a 400W/250W digital would work fine. With 400W you have 90W / Sqft. with 600W you have 130W/ SqFt 250W would be 56W / Sqft which is absolute minimum. If it were my closet I would do 600/400W Switchable so you could put a 600W in for the last 2-4 weeks of flowering if you wanted more light. 400W is most likely going to be your best single bulb setup.

    Here is an idea for you get a 600/400 get a 600W HPS and a 400W MH you can run the MH into flowerin then switch the HPS in for like 80% of flowering OR

    Get a 400W MH and then see if you want to get a 400W HPS and stick with 400W or if you think as you enter flowering you want the 600W you could get that as an HPS.
  6. Thanks, again. With your help, I've decided on the Lumatek Dial-A-Watt ballast. I was originally going to go with just their 250W ballast, but I now see the advantages to the other one.

    So, heat shouldn't be much of a factor with the vented reflector? Even with a 600W HPS shining in my small grow space? That's rad!

  7. a 6" fan moves a lot of air, there are a lot of factors to reduce heat but if you are effectively moving the air to another space, IE outside or attic, and bringing fresh air in (AC closet or whatever) with a passive intake you should be fine. I would definitely start with a 400W and see how temps are first before bumping up to a 600W. 600 might be a bit much but it's tough to tell for sure without testing in your environment.
  8. You're reading my mind. I just purchased the same model, but with a 400W max instead of the 600W. I figured if in the future the 600W works better for the two plant setup, I'll just buy it then. I think the 400W is going to do just fine. I'll still have the option to use 250W in the beginning weeks or throughout veg and be able to switch to 400W during veg, onset of flower OR last few weeks of flower. That's a lot of options, which I think is a good thing.

    + rep, Bohbo. I've read a TON of your posts over this past month, all of them were very helpful.

  9. Glad I could help, kindness and appreciation keeps me helping, so thank you.
  10. That came across slightly wrong let me reword it. I answer questions and help because I ran into problems and feel I can help people not repeat my problems. I stay motivated knowing people appreciate the help.... there that sounds more like me! Time for a little vape to keep me in line I think!

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