Need some advice on my DIY Aeroponics setup

Discussion in 'Aeroponics' started by Johnny Utah, Oct 8, 2011.

  1. I have a 3.5 gallon black bucket with lid. I cut four holes in the lid to accomodate four 3" net pots. In the bucket I put a 250 GPH pump. I purchased a sprayer unit made of 1/2" PVC with 5 red 360 degree sprayers. 2 gallons of water seems to me to be perfect for this system. I did a test run trying to clone my outdoor Thai peppers. No shit, real Thai chili peppers. But I failed and ened up throwing them out. First off I am a bit confused since I read that the type of sprayers I'm using does not make my system a true aeroponics system. Is this correct? My biggest problem is the timer. The one I am trying to use is a digital with only 8 settings. So, I end up programing the thing three times a day to cover a 24 hour period. I started with 1 hour on 30 minutes off. Then tried many other combinations of time such as 15 minutes on 45 minutes off 1 hour on 1 hour off, on all the time... You get the picture. The water stays at about 70-72 degrees no matter what time combo I go with. I'm going to buy a timer that I can set once and not have to worry about re-programing multiple times. My main reason for this post is: with the type of set up I have made, what spraying schedule should I go with and what is the best timer to use? It's probably also noteworthy to mention that when I attempt to grow my medicine I will be starting from seed, using treebark starter plugs (which is what I used for the Thai pepper clone attempt), hydroton, and the 3" net pots. My intention is to transfer the plugs to my ebb n flow unit once they start to grow. What am I doing wrong?
  2. Johnny: there is, or was, a particularly good video presentation of You-tube about a year ago on a DIY aeroponics system. You might want to look there. Hank
  3. you need a recycle timer, 1 minute on 4 off works well, you can buy one from C.A.P. or build one like this;

    [ame=""]DIY repeat timer[/ame]
  4. So I have it narrowed down to either a preset 1 min on 4 min off OR 3 min on 5 min off timer. What do you aero guru's think?

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