Need some advice on lowering ph of soil !!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by diddy00777, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. Guys i need some advice, ph 6.9 -7.0 and i see signs of nut deficiency, yellowing of lower leaves , some brown spots and shit likt that, i flushed the soil yesterday just in case and i started feeding them by sprayin light solution onto the foliage, i want to lower ph down to 6.5 so i can unlock nuts. Im thinkin of gettin lemon juice. If i lower ph of water down to 6.5 before watering ,will that bring ph of soil down to 6.5 or lower or higher? Thanks
  2. bump im curious
  3. I read that you can use peat moss for lowering pH and I've been doing it with success. I used lemon juice in the past, but it's a temporary thing, whereas it's longer lasting with the peat moss. Just put it on the top of the soil and water down in. Peace.
  4. nice one bro , ill do that /my accapulco gold is lookin pretty bad its got some brown patches on the fan leaves , they turning yellow and dry off , its workin its way up, ph of 7.0 must be way too high for it , looks like a nuts look up or something mg def / calcium def , its pissin my right off , i watered them with plain water ph 6.0 i used lemon juice , ph gone down its about 6.8 now , i m gonna give them one more treatment on friday , try to drop it down to 6.5 , start flowering on sunday , hope everything goes well from now . Should i start feedin them with soil bloom vitalink 2/2/4 straight away ? or give them some more vitalink growth 4/2/4 for the first 2 weeks or so ?????????????

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