need some advice on indoor grow.

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  1. Hey so im going to start a indoor bubbleponics grow. i need some advice on how to make me plants more comfortable and have bigger yields.

    Bubbleponis system:

    15 gallon tote with 4 six in holes drilled on the lid.

    4 six inch home made net pots. (couldn't find the real thing)

    2 ten inch air stones with air pump

    any comments or advice will be appreciated.

    The Lighting:

    Going for a CFL grow.:hello: I don't know where to buy the light fixture. any help?
    i know i have to have one warm white and cool white bulb. My walls are painted white so its easy for light to reflect towards the plants.

    Air Circulation:

    i am planing on having 2 six inch fans in the closet for the air to circulate.


    I am going to home depot and going to buy the nutrients there for a hydroponic system. I don't know what to use in the net pots when i start growing. any suggestions?


    This is the hard part.:cool: i dont know when the plants start smelling like actual weed. but i know it will. how do i control the smell from inside the closet?

    The Seeds:

    i am going to get the seeds from my cousin. (grand daddy purp, and Master Og Kush) but i want a wider variety. who knows of a good seed bank online?

    I am going to use half of my closet which is 3' 8" L x 5' 1/2" H

    any advice will help. :D

    Thank You.
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    Alright, I am a dirt grower so I will only help with what I know.

    lights: If you are going cfl's you can get the fixtures at Home depot or you can order them on line. if I were to use cfl's I would use something like [ame=""]this[/ame] and a couple of them. What is very important to your grow is the amount of light you give them. If you want decent plants try and hit at least 400W not 400W equivalent. make sure you get your spectrum covered for both flowering and vegetative cycles. I believe there is a sticky on that in here somewhere. sounds like you have 2 bulbs already unless they are 250W each you most likely don't have enough.

    Air Circulation: This can be tied to your odor control as well. it is simple really, you are going with cfl's so unless your temps are high outside your grow area your temps in the grow area will not get that hot either, but pull air in from the floor of the grow. Drill holes or whatever. at the top you will want some sort of carbon filter the link is just an example of what you will be looking for you can find them cheaper than the one shown. pull air through that at the top and you should be good on smell. (which is not really that bad until they start flowering, but when they do you will need it) Look in the grow room design setup for ideas that would suit your closet needs.

    Seeds: there is a sticky for this but attitude seems to be the most trusted and reliable. If I were you I would stick with what you got until you can nail down a stable mother for each strain and grow them well. No need to buy 5 strains of seeds and have two already. With your dimensions you are not going to be doing more than two strains at the same time anyway.

    net pots: I would think that you are going to need clay to use as your medium. link is an example. For your Nut. you could use something like this, but I know very little when it comes to hydro. I understand how it works but prefer dirt because it is easier and I have great results with it so why fix what aint broke.

    hope that helps a bit or at least starts you in the right direction.
  3. thanks man this really helped a lot and i might buy a hash plant from dr chronic i love how little it smells and it will be very easy to hide the smell. at least i think. do you have any experience with these hash plants? and if you do do you think 3-4 of those gel air fresheners will help hide it? i'm on a pretty tight budget and on the light my friend gave me a ides for a 3 light socket with a reflective disk on it i an going to use 2 for the grow which will run me under 15 dollars and the nutrients i'm going to use water soluble tomato nuts my buddie used it and helped him with his white window grow got a 3 half pound plants and a quarter pound one out of the same system i am going to use. and back to the odor do the DIY carbon filters work in your experience? thank you so much man. do you live in cali so we can meet up and trade seeds or something? im just 19 so pretty new to this but got some advice but i want a big yield and don't want the folk to know i'm growing this beautiful garden of mine. all is for consumption by me and my family so i don't worry about the feds.
  4. no exp. with the hash plant but it is on my list of things to do. Some DIY filters work all depends on how you construct it, I have had success with one I made though it looked very barbaric. Unfortunately I do not live in Cali. but definitely keep me posted on the HP, it will be one of my next projects.
  5. yeah bro no problem but i saw that it is sold by Bomb seeds and it said it was easy to hide odor so ima try it out when i get the seeds

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