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  1. So much like every summer that I've been back from WA I am taking a summer class to fill in a missing requirement when I transferred my transcript(Long Story, doesn't matter)

    Anyways this is the 1st summer that I've actually been a single and looking person. At the start of last summer my girlfriend of 5 years and I split and it really was for the best even though it really crushed me at the time.

    So I am taking an Analytical Chem 1-2 combo this summer and on day 1 this cute but young girl takes the seat next to me at the lab station. Seeing as how I'd be doing my experiments with her as a partner all summer I figured I'd chat her up.

    She's and incoming freshman(finished her final semester of high school early) took the Chem AP and tested into this 2nd year class. We started taking movies/tv/music per average "get to know someone convo" and she's saying everything I've been wanting to hear out of the mouth of a girl. As we move to video games she proceeds to say that shes "glad she just turned 18 because she hates that they sometimes don't let her buy thing/sell back games" (I'm 24 turning 25 in August)

    At the end of last week she asks me what my plans are. Seeing as how I just learned shes 18 I tell her that my friends and I will probably meet up and pre-game before walking to the bar. She seemed a bit bummed out but guaranteed me that she would meet us for pre-gaming. We had such a good time my boys told me to not worry about guys night and to take her out for some food.

    Last night she takes me to the Pirates vs Mets game and I had a blast, but as much as I tell myself age is just a number I feel in the wrong here. I am also a bit worried that my non-close friends will think that I'm being a creep. Anyone been here before

    TLDR- Got out of serious 5 year relationship last summer, met cool, cute, but 18 year old girl in my summer class, enjoy spending time with her, but is the 24 to 18 year age gap weird and creepy?
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    Only as creepy as you make it out to be, friend. Do not psyche yourself out, have fun man.

    Also, I just was at the Pirates stadium for the first time the other day, quite a beautiful park you have out there. Love how they close down the streets and shit in the surrounding area. Its a party out there!
  3. Dude, you're fine. :p

    My husband and I started "dating" when I was 18 and he was 27. We've been happily married for almost 5 years now.

    If she were 17, I'd be putting up a giant "CAUTION" sign, but 18-24? She's legal, play ball. ;)
    I don't mean to be crass, but if you guys get along and like each other then there is no reason to not go for it. :smoking:
  4. I'm really not the person to give a fuck what people think but even when its just good natured joking from my friend .EX. Putting her rum and coke in a cup with a lid "so she didn't spill on herself" could get real old real quick considering there's not even any kind of boyfriend/girlfriend discussion going on

    EDIT- Yeah dude, we may not win a championship anytime soon but with $10-$25 tickets, going to a Pirates game is a great way to spend a beautiful summer evening in Pittsburgh

  5. People are just assholes sometimes, don't worry about your friends poking fun at you.

    You know how many "friends" were saying behind our backs that we wouldn't last because he's "too old for me" or I'm "too young for him"? A lot. A fuckin' lot.

    Showed them, though. ;):p
  6. fuck yeah for analytical chem :metal:
  7. Yeah man, I was a bit nervous since I've been out of the "chem game" for a few years but I sure lucked out with this smart girl as a lab partner:D

  8. that's awesome dude, there are NO attractive girls in my classes :cry:

    should have been a business/communication major
  9. Fine arts, nursing, and education majors here at Pitt man. My buddy lives down the street from one of the local hospitals and just watches the nurses outside on their breaks while hes waking up from his night shift:D
  10. Perfectly legal, you're chillin' man. I know of many couples with as much as a 10 year age gap and they're perfectly fine and normal.
  11. oh fuck, I was expecting to read that you were dating some cougar or something. 18 vs 25?? don't even sweat it dude.
  12. don't let societal norms get you down man. if you click and like each other, that's all that matters.
  13. That age difference is nothing don't sweat it. I've known girls to date much older men. One of my girlfriends dated a 37 year old guy when she was 18, that was pretty creepy.
  14. lol, when I was 18 I dated a 41 year old... we were together for 3 years. i also dated a 34 year old after that. NOW, i am tired of old greasey men and I like them very young :smoke:
  15. I'm just saying love has no age.
    You can't instantly tell me that a man, because he's a certain age...
    ...can't marry a woman or love a woman.
    I'm dating a high-school girl.
    You're not maximizing your potential. Think this girl takes you seriously?
    No, but if I'm 25 and the girl is 18 years old... know, in society, that might look bad.
    - Hey, as long as it's consensual. - I think it's consensual.
  16. Dude I went through the same shit and I hated it. The very few decent ones all had serious boyfriends. At least in classes like Biochem you would get the biology majors. Lots of decent girls in that program.

    Shit out of luck in chemistry tho.

    And OP, dont worry about it, 18 is perfectly acceptable. It gets questionable when youre getting into high school girls. Maturity level is a more important factor than age.

    Im 26 turning 27 and seeing a 21 year old girl, personally I see 19 as my cutoff, but thats simply because 19 is drinking age in Ontatio. And it would be weird and a hassle if the girl couldnt come out to a bar with me.

    Go for it, fuck what other people think. Hit that with accuracy. And repeat with precision. Analytical talk, you know what Im talkin about.
  17. Oh love does have an age... when it's reversed. See, women don't have much of a problem dating an older man. It's kind of common actually. But when a guy is younger then the women then your chances of getting with the lovely vixen are slim to none.
  18. So I've been feeling under the weather this week(sinus infection x10) and to my surprise Emma shows up at my place with a stack of notes from class(she actually took a quiz for me too), chinese take out, a box of tissues, and Thor to watch while we ate.

    All the medicine started catching up to me and without even saying a word she walked me to my bed, tucked me in, and did dishes before she left.

    Winner winner chicken dinner. I ain't letting this girl go, ever
  19. Nice dude she sounds like a keeper!
  20. Being 24, at university, the majority of my classmates are 18 or 19. Personally it wouldn't feel weird dating one of them; but that's me.

    Go for it, I say...

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