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Need some advice, new to the Sub Club.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Briana5289, May 3, 2016.

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    Hi everyone! I want to start out by saying thanks for any advice or input!

    Here's my situation. I went in this morning for an unsupervised UA at a local clinic, similar to Quest. It was a ten panel instant read disptick test. I subbed clean urine that I snuck in in my bra with an adhesive hand warmer attached. I had never subbed before (or taken a drug test of any kind) so I was SUPER nervous, even though I practiced a ton. I went into the stall, successfully got the specimen into the cup, and it was WAY too hot, I'm talking like 103-105 degrees. I let it sit on top of the toilet paper roll box while I peed a little in the toilet (which took me like 20-30 seconds, stage fright), then swirled it around and blew on it for like 10-20 seconds. At this point I was ready to get out of the stall because this clinic is notorious for catching subbers. In my hurry to get out, I did not check the temp again. I gave the cup to the nurse(?), washed my hands, then watched her do the test. She did not mention anything about the temperature. We made small talk, she marked some things down on her forms (that I could not read from where I was standing) and said "Okay you're all done, I'll send the results right over!". And that was that, she was very friendly and did not let on that anything was out of the ordinary.

    My question is, would she have tested and accepted the sample if it was too hot, or would she have mad eme resubmit if there was a problem? Is it a red flag that I did not get any kind of paperwork before I left?

    Thanks again everyone, I know these questions can get annoying, but I've read literally EVERY single post on EVERY single forum out there about subbing and UAs and knew I would feel better if I got some actual advice on my situation.
  2. No one here can tell you what was in the mind of the person who took your specimen. They do note the temp on the form so that was some of the writing she was doing. Relax, the cake is baked and the results are out of your control. Worrying will not help.
  3. Thanks for the response Cactus Ed. I called the testing facility about the lack of paperwork, and they said they already sent over my results to my prospective employer that morning. So at this point the employer has had the results for over 24 hours. No news is good news I'm assuming? Anyway, trying not to stress about it. I'll update when I hear something concrete.
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