need some advice.. im scared shitless

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  1. alright .. so last night i woke up with this huge spider like bite thing un my thigh its huge and hurts like shit .. and i thaught nothing of it .. but today this big bumb grew next to it .. and im scared its a tumour .. im going to the doctor soon to ask him what the fuck is up .. my whole leg is like fucked up i cant walk without being in MAJOR pain ...

    so yeah .. wish me luck you guys .. i fucking hope its not a tumour .. :(

    peace gc
  2. Wow man, that sucks. Only thing I could say would be to drink water and and wait to see what the doctor says? And smoke a lot of weed? That's gotta be good for something.

  3. eww wtf is that ?
  4. Holy shit, that hand just passed its exit on the freeway.. "Exit # FUCKED"

    But anyways, you should definatly have em check it out. Probably something antibiotics will fix up, unless its left untreated. Hope ya feel better.
  5. A spider bite....
  6. Yeah, I saw a whole set of pics from the same guy with that bite on Ebaum's World. Great big spider bit him and his hand, as you can see, got fucked right up.
  7. my mom got a spider bite on her back a month ago, she picked at it and it spread all over her back, then she had a hole there. we told her she would go to the hospital before and get it checked out. dont mess around with this kind of shit, i higly doubt its a fucking tumor..
  8. There are certain types if bugs that lay there eggs in your skin. Usually it will swell up, turn a shitty color, and before you know there are hundreds of little fuckers climbing out of the hole
  9. This thread scares me...
  10. The photo is of a Brown Recluse spider bite.

    See a thread about them here

    Good luck- definately get to the doctors asap.
  11. Hope it wasn't a brown recluse. Keep the area as clean as possible until you get into the docs...
  12. I fucking hate spiders.... My aunt was bit by a cousin of a brown recluse and that fucked her whole forearm up...

  13. big bumps that pertude from the skin are not tumors. they are maybe a cyst or a pimple, black head, in grown hair etc etc.

    so calm down
  14. It's not a tumor, more likely than not it's an infection, you'll get some antibiotics and be just fine :)
  15. Someone on the forums(magick) was having the exact same problem a few weeks ago, there was a bite on his leg and he barely could walk cuz it was so weak and he asked for help on the forums and everyone thought it was some kind of spider bite but it turned out it was shingles.
  16. Well whatever it is, ( and no it's not a tumor, they don't develop that fast)

    you shoudl def get it checked out by the doctor. I hope you get better really soon.
  17. thanks for the advice guys i went to the doctor .. and its an infection .. he gave me some antibiotics and saied its not a big deal ... not a spider bit ..

    thanks guys im much calmer now :rolleyes:
  18. woot I was right, I knew I should have stayed in the nursing major :p

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