need some advice going to court.

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    I'm going to court because someone tried to fight me and they got charged with battery. a little backstory. I got hit with a Buick Crossover like they hit me with the car wiping around a turn. A kid got out and tried to fight me but i won the fight and his buddies had sped off. the cops got involved and i didn't press charges but the state is trying to press charges. They summoned me to court on the 8th of this month. When i appear in court do i have to testify? or can i be silent? I really don't want anything to do with it. I'm ready to forget about it. It's been two months.
  2. i hate how kids take the no snitching rule so heavely lol..... testify otherwise ur gunna seem like a dumbass... especially sence you prlly told the cop when he showed up otherwise there would be no
  3. if he pleads guilty then you wont have to testify but since they summoned you he most likely pled not guilty. So i would say yes you will have to testify its not gunna be that bad though not like you did anything just tell the truth and you got nothin to worry about. you could probably sue him if you wanted he did hit you with a car then try to fight you doesn't matter what you said about his shitty driving. doesn't matter if you were j walking either.

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