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Need some advice GC

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LittleToker, Aug 4, 2011.

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    Here's the deal. I just had some major surgery (13.5 hours). I'm stuck home living with my parentals. It's cool usually, but when it comes to the greens, they've got some mad hang ups. I don't want to disrespect and smoke in their house, but god damn do I want to blaze. Problem is that the doors are loud. On door is right below their window, and the other squeaks like all hell and can't close silently if my life depended on it. Any suggestions? They also sleep with their windows open in the summer.

    ETA. Yeah I got lortab for the pain, but honestly I'd prefer the ganj
  2. if they leave their window open why cant you?

    make a gravity bong, its efficient with your weed and the smell is very minimal. if you have a fan, point it towards the window so when you blow the smoke into the fan, it will push it outside.

    this is the method i use, thankfully my parents sleep up stairs so making noise isnt that big of a issue.
  3. hey dude make a sploof google it if u dont know how to make one u can only use it with a pipe or bong cause u can out the smoke on them and blow the smoke throw the sploof it makes it odor less and smokeless a bit and have the window open and if u have a fan put i beside u and sit a the window if u have a joint :D
  4. Leave your door open, and or move out.
  5. dude, just respect your parents wishes.. I know you really want to blaze but is it worth your parents getting pissed at you if you get caught... Just think of what could happen man.
  6. * My mom can sniff out weed like a fuckin drug dog. Outside is my only option, but how to get out and back w/out getting caught is the issue. Incense isn't gonna cut it since I never burn it and they'll know something's up. Mom's also a snoop and has no concept of privacy/personal space.
  7. with what money, pray tell? poor college kid = broke and living w/ the parentals

    My bedroom door is literally an inch from theirs. At a right angle to mine at the end of the hall
  8. "Mom, I'm going for a walk around the block. See ya later."
  9. Use the dryer sheets method with your window open, problem solved.
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    But be sure to use a sploof or you will run the risk of blowing the smoke out your window and it going right into theirs, also put some music and a movie on the help with the lighter flicks, could put the towel under the door for extra comfort and noise cancellation.
  11. Isn't my room (and hallway) still gonna reek of bud? I use sploofs in my dorm and you can still smell the bud in the room, just not as strong as if I blew it about like it was nothin. Not to mention my shit is dank enough to stink up the room just by opening the bag...
  12. Bro I pass my moms room and my brothers 15 minutes after they lay down. Smoke a cigar it covers the smell nicely.
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    Towel under the door for sure, and not if you pack a lot in there and use fresh ones. If your AC spreads air through the house, close the vents and turn on a ceiling fan. Depending on the weather, if it's colder inside blow at the farthest bottom corner away from your parents window. If it's more hot inside than outside, well this the best scenario, blow at the top side of the same spot. You can also check the wind and blow accordingly, but this is all overkill with a sploof.
  14. K let me give you more detail.

    Had major surgery so parents are like mother hens right now
    Don't have cigs/cigars and even if I did, that would be even harder to get away with
    No dryer sheets in my house.
    Room is carpeted and full of plush things that will absorb smell
    Mom's sense of smell is ungodly
    They won't leave me the fuck alone
  15. What if I wait until they go up to bed and go downstairs. Take a hit off my one-hitter and blow it out the window with my mouth to the screen. Do you think this will work? Will they smell the burning plant matter?
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    Okay, depending on your method of smoking keep all the given info so far excluding the window suggestion (I would open AFTER you role because lighter flicks are loud). Okay, so your options are Gravity Bong when you shower, or get a towel SOAK one side of it, after you take your role blow into the towel (press the towel to your lips to make it airtight) and it should absurd it, make sure it isn't a white towel so you don't leave smoke lip marks.

    If you want advice for the gravity bong ask away.

    Tbh, this is as good advice as you're gonna get.

    Edit: you ninja'd me give me some specifics on the location of your downstairs window? Or take a pic on both sides
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    If your bathroom has a window, then lock the door while your taking a shower and open the window and hang out and do bong hits if you have a bong.

    Hopefully the bathroom window isn't so adjacent to your 'rents room like the rest of your house?

    Hanging your head out of a window is very optimal... And leaves almost no smell at all.
  18. To give you guys an idea just how close to the p-units I sleep (don't hate on the door, haven't changed that shit in years lol):

    My downstairs window is on the first floor (obviously) facing the other side of the house from my parents' room and window. Theirs faces the back yard, this one faces the road. Shower won't work. BR has two doors and one goes straight to my parents' room.

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  19. Hey dude i delt with this for 5 years in highschool and still a bit now lol, alright TRUST ME on this.. My moms sense of smell is ungodly and my door has no knob ( big hole) And huge space underneath and my grandma's room is the same place as yours 1 inch away, then my moms is 2 feet away.. If you smoke out your window with the screen on just take small hits and dont cherry bowl.. and blow out the top of the window fast, drink some water between hits, chew gum.. Just take some fast and have music or fan on to drown out sound of lighter.. I've done this in my room hundreds of times and it works fine ( but ALWAYS cover the bowl when you finish hitting it cus the smell lingers) I do this with pipes and bongs and my mom has came in my room right after I blew out, I just put it down and acted fine.. No smell.. I even cherry my bud in my bong and works fine. Or just sneak out a window thats a good idea. If you have seperate bathrooms smoke in ur bathroom and blow through the vent in there ur golden.

    I feel your pain and hope this helps, if I can be any more of assistence tell me. Also DO NOT use a gravity bong in ur room trust me .. too much of a mess/hassle especially if ur blowin out ur window, u'd be fuckked. Best bet is bong snappers, NO JOINT/BLUNT! never indoors lol

    sorry im high
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    Depending on the wind, it could work but if you're walking around with all your shit it can get sketchy, is the window in a room or are you just going toke up in the middle of the living room? What happens if someone comes down?

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