Need some advice from ORGANIC EXPERTS

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by .HiGhGuY., May 30, 2009.

  1. What up? with any luck, i'll be in a new place soon, and will start my next grow the first week i move in..:hello: I have been toying with the idea of going organic, But i only do Hydro grows. SO it would be using a (liquid) organic hydro nutrient regimen.

    I'm wondering who here has used these before??? I need your advice...i've heard many pros and cons of using all organic nutes in a hydro grow (or any), but here is what concerns me the most....

    -I've heard, that when growing organic, you get better smelling, better tasting buds (also know drying and curing plays a big roll in this)
    -heard when using organics, it's nearly impossible to get nute burn

    -heard organic nutes. (especially liquid ones made for hydro)don't get absorbed into the plant as well and could end up decreasing yield
    -organics usually cost more

    If any EXPERIENCED organic growers that have grown with both organic and regular nutes (preferablly of the same strain with same setup) can tell me how accurate the pros/cons i listed above are and fill in any other major pros and cons...i'd appreciate it. The bottom line is, like most growers, i want the absolute biggest and best looking, smelling, and tasting buds I can possibly produce, and If using organics can truely give me a noticeably difference, i'll gladly pay the extra $$$ for the organic nutes.:wave:

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