need some advice from a dude.

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  1. so.

    im in love with two different guys. like madly in love.

    but both are wierd situations i cant figure out.

    the first guy is kind of a lost cause. he's a man whore. and respects me too much to cheat bc he knows he would.

    second guy tho, i dont know what to do about him.. junior to senior year i had a 'gang', just me, my best girl friend, and two other dudes, we chilled, got high, partied, spent everyday together tokin on blunts and shit. i was attracted to one of them tho, and fessed up to it one day when it was just me and him chillin watchin a movie. he told me he'd been feeling that way too, but didnt want to fuck up our friendship if i didnt feel the same. well we acted on it, fucked, and became an 'item'. we told each other we loved each other, etc etc. he breaks up with me cause our friends start acting shitty, REALLY pissed and uncomfortable about it, and it looked like we were bout to lose our friends, so he broke up with me to cool it.

    recently tho, we hooked up and he told me he thinks about me all the time, loves me, etc etc. we havent hooked up since but when we were rollin i thought he mentioned how hard he was for me. i dunno tho cause my mind was in a million different places, id also taken some adderol. i got drunk and called him and told him how much i loved him via voicemail, and since i dont live near him anymore he hasnt called me.

    i dunno if i should just let it go or what. i love him. its rough.

    dude advice?
  2. I used to like this chick way back in the day, and she had this thing for some loser who lived like an hour away. This guy was like 20 and was interested in a 16 year old. In the end, she ended up choosing him over me, which i didn't mind, until we were hanging out one night after the fact..

    We went to go to some bush party, her and her boyfriend and her 2 girlfriends and some fag drinking choclate milk left, and as we were walking back, i see the choclate milk poured all over my truck. Excluding some pointless details, i have never said a word to her since.

    She has tried to get into contact with me about 5 times since then. This all occured about 3 years ago. 8 months into their relationship, this dude cheated on her. She tried to get into contact with me once during the relationship, and four times after, all over facebook, nex, msn, hotmail etc....

    Anyways, point of the story, pick somebody, and explain to the other dude what the situation is, and do it nicely. And don't be a bitch about it, because it could come to bite you in the ass a couple years later.
  3. Two questions before I anwser your questions:

    If the first dude is a man-whore and a lost cause, why wouldn't he cheat on you?

    If the second guy lives kinda far from you and hasn't gotten back to you since you were drunk and left that voicemail, do you think he is still an option for you?
  4. The only real reason you hooked up with the second guy was probably just because you hung out alot. Im not saying guys cant be friends with chix without doing it, but it is pretty likely. Also you said you were rolling and he said he was hard for you, Dont put to much though into that cuz when i roll im hard for the nearest chick, unless they are totally gross or fat (although i suggest rolling and cuddling with a fat chick)
  5. I say forget about both guys and move the hell on.
  6. Leave first guy alone, no way hes gonna stay faithful.

    As for the second guy, id let that go. Chances are that if hes in another town, hes finding another girl. And im willing to bet that your "love" for each other, was just puppy love. Just move on, find someone you can be with that lives near you.
  7. I gotta agree with Budzilla. The situation has got messy and it sounds like neither guy is right for you any more. It sucks but it's probably time to move on.

    Also, why exactly were your friends annoyed when the two of you got together? I've seen people in small friendship groups form relationships before and I've never ever been annoyed about it. They should have been happy for you.
  8. Have a 3 some, then move on....
  9. Safe to say either way you decide to go will end up bad. The first guy would result in cheating and all that, the second one seems to only be about sex. Sounds like you are just pretty confused about things right now. I think the best thing to do would be to start a fresh new relationship....give yourself a fighting chance at least.
  10. Go with the second guy and fuck your friends... I mean honestly, if they're your "friends" they would only be happy for you two. After all, doesn't everyone want to be with their perfect match? If this is the case in your situation, well then congratulations to you and fuck all the haters.

    EDIT; So I read the rest and it looks like the second guy doesn't want you anymore. I'd say move on from both of them. Obviously the first guy should have never been an option.

  11. Dude, you're a douche. That's not something to even joke about
  12. yea i actually decided i dont want a boyfriend seeing as i just moved and am trying to figure my shit out, get it together and take time to enjoy the single life. fuck both of em. second dude is still one of my closest friends and thatll never change but theres no use in cryin over some spilt milk
  13. Give the manwhore a chance, maybe?

    I used to be seen as a lost cause, but i just needed a chance to reshape my image.

    I dunno, it kinda sounds like you like the manwhore more; but dont want to take the risk.

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