need some advice for these bushy short plants

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    I am Fairly new to growing at all, and a friend has asked me to see his plants through the flowering process, seeing as i have my own plant ready to flower and have just ordered my hps bulb, anyway i was given these plants which i will show in the picture and they were running on 24. hr of light consecutive since they were born to my understanding :confused:, the 4 plants are all in one planter and a little over 4 weeks old to my knowledge, the fan leaves are so massive they are blocking light to lower parts of the plant but it's so bushy that i feel like pruning it would be taking necessary parts of the plant away, i have since getting his 4 plants, switched it to be on cycle with my own plant (18/6) and have been watering regularly as well as spraying down with club soda... i would really like some tips from some expert growers who can point me in the right direction on these bushy ones, it would be horrible to see them lost, thanks,

    i cant figure out how to load these pictures on here if someone could message me how i could post 5 pics of the plants in question?
  2. Use the attachment icon. Just like e-mail.

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