Need Some Advice For My First Grow

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by bybliz, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. Hello everyone, this would be my first post here and my very first grow. I need some advice on lighting and ventilation. I've been searching around here for the past few days, but haven't been able to find absolute answers. I'm basically growing for personal use. Im planning to grow inside a subwoofer box that I've built in the past for my car, but no longer have any use for. Anyways, the dimension of the box are as follows, I'll give the internal dimensions since the outside doesn't make much of a difference: Height is 26.5", Width is 12.5" and Depth is 22.5". I'm considering this a microgrow since it's smaller than most of the boxes/cabs i've seen here. This results in the following:

    Volume of the box is: ~4.25 cubic feet
    Canopy Area: ~2sq feet

    I will be growing using soil & the scrog method.

    Question is about lighting, I have the following choices:

    A)70w HPS remote ballast, cost = $50, = 6300 lumens = 3150 lumens/sqft
    B)150w HPS remote ballast, cost =$70, 16000 lumens = 8000 lumens/sqft
    C)150w CFL = 6 X 25w bulbs = $40, 1600 lumens per, 9600 total = 4800 lumens/sqft

    My prefered choice right now is 150w hps over everything else, but I'd like to know from your experiences if that's possible in the box of my size. Is it tooo much for this box? Will I be able to manage the heat generated easily with about 150cfm of moving air?

    If 150w hps is not possible, im having trouble deciding between the 70hps VS 150w of CFL. The CFL's will result in more lumens and probably less heat than the 70w hps (im not 100% sure).

    In the end is it all about lumens/sqft that determines how well the plants will do in a flat scrog?

    Anyhow, from experience, which lighting setup would YOU guys choose and why and which methods would you recommend on ventilation based on the the size of the box that I have?

    Thanks for your help guys...truly appreciated, hope this first grow is a succesful one =)

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