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Need some advice... Drug test possible

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by CherrySmoke, Nov 10, 2013.

  1. So I was T-boned delivering pizza today. No one got hurt, the officer decided they were at fault for not yielding to oncoming traffic. I'm going to try to get their insurance to cover the time I'm going to lose due to not having a drive-able car, worked with someone a few years back in a similar situation that got their down time paid for (wage and tips). Sounds a lot like workman's comp to me... Will I have to take a drug test? If I do, I smoked pretty much every day all day for almost 2 years, quit cold turkey about a month and a half ago... Would I pass? I'm not a big guy (I weigh 150 @ 5'8") so there's not much fat for the THC to stick around in. I don't want to take a drug test and fail and somehow have them running a stop sign come back and make me liable for smoking that long ago. Any thoughts?

  2. month and a half is more than enough time, you're good to go
  3. If they did not drug test you at the time of the accident or within a few days after they will not test you because there is no point now. They would only test you to see If you where high at the time of the accident and they only do that if they don't want to cover you and try to find ways around it but if its not ur fault and have not been tested ur in the clear and will get ur vehicle written off and can most likely get workers comp for the time you will not be working so you can support yourself and if you really want to can claim some injurys and get a big cash settlement , when I was 19 I got side swiped and then they guy took off n I crashed harsh broke 2 ribs n fractured my neck n back n had a concussion and I got my car paid off and a nice 180,000$ injury claim. Sure that wont fix that my back n neck is always sore n shit but it deff helps :D
  4. Cool, thanks. And @[member="AJE420"], definitely thought about it but only thing wrong with me is a headache from the stress lol. Hoping they wright my car off as totaled (Had more wrong with it mechanically than it was worth, considering my drivers side door is trashed and maybe frame damage I'm guessing that'll be the case) so I can just get a new car... But not going to pull fraud just to get free money. Nice to hear they paid out for your legit claim tho xD Heard way too many horror stories of legit claims being turned down because of the # of frauds.
  5. well u know if ur head ache started after ur accident that could mean that u got a concussion n that u can get a treatment for that paid for, i had a person who had the same thing they thought it was just a head ache but it didnt go away for over a month. so he went in and found out he had a minor concussion but it wasnt a normal concussion because his head ache just kept getting worst. he ended up getting a treatment at physio for that and found out it was something with his spine and that it was making his body un- alined so he ended up getting 4 months of physio and massage theropy paid for 3 times a week, and got a 15,000$ personal injury claim for his stress and constant head ache. i forget the proper term for that claim but its always best to get that checked out if u notice it not going away or getting any better, the human body is weird an injury or an unalined portion of ur body in one spot can make a totally differt spot hurt. 

    just lookin out for ya and tryin to help you get the best deal you can, i head and see of to many people shorting them selfs out because they dont really know much about this shit. but if accient is not ur fault get everything thats bothing u after it checked out and fixed. and ur insureance will pay for it all.  if you just leave it thinking time will heal it u never know could end up getting alot worse. just take care bro and hope everything works out for ya.
  6. Thanks for the heads up, I'll definitely pay attention to it. Don't think it'll be an issue tho 'cause the headache didn't set in til I got back home after dealing with cops + work xD But if it gets worse I'll definitely have it checked out, I said in the statement that I didn't believe any injuries were present (basically word for word) but something like this would probably be easily overlooked at the time of the accident so I don't think there'd be an issue getting a settlement for proper treatment if that was the case.

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