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  1. what up GC! so this is my freshmen year of college and iv been having a blast the past month. i have some crazy stories but thats for another time. last night i got an MIP. it sucks :( i dont want my parents to find out and i know when the University PD gives out MIP's they send letters home to our parents even tho were 18, thats for sure i know 100% they do that. but i got my ticket form the city PD but they said they would let the university no. idk if there gonna send anything, and im sketching. its my first ticket not including traffic violations. what do you guys think?
  2. Do you list your primary address as your parents?

    That is how I got caught. If you hregister your current address where you are, your parents will not be informed. Above 18, the parents are not qualified to be notified,
  3. ya unfortunately the address on my ID is my home one and thats whats on the ticket. if it comes down to it il drive 2 hours home everyday to try and intercept that mail..
  4. If it is mandatory, you are fucked. This is assuming they actually did go through with it
  5. did your parents somehow miss the memo that college students drink?
  6. Man, lemme tell you what I learned my freshman year: better to be honest with parents than to try and hide things.

    I got arrested for possession of marijuana during my freshman year, and yea, at first I was going to deal with it myself. But instead I told the parents about it because a friend mentioned me how attorneys will send out post cards with their info on it relating to your charge..such as "our records indicate that you were arrested for blah blah, and I can represent you in the court of law."

    So, when I found out that there was even a SLIGHT chance they'd find out through some freak occurrence (hint hint..), such as those postcards, I made the choice to tell them myself- and the very next day we were heading to the office of a bad ass criminal defense lawyer, thanks to the 'rents. And sure enough, the next week my home mailbox was plagued with those postcards..

    You are lucky. It's an MIP, not a drug charge. You obviously are around marijuana, and all you have been hit with is a MIP. Own up to it, and tell your parents- work something out with them and get yourself a lawyer to help you take care of this (if you are concerned about keeping your record clean for future jobs, grad school, etc).

    Don't beat around the bush and don't make excuses - and don't lead them on with a less dramatic version of the truth. Tell them you alone got yourself in the situation, and that you are asking them for help. If you could go back and change it, you would - But you can't. I'm sure they'll understand.

    Be prepared for their disappointment, as it is very much a natural response. Everyone makes mistakes, especially their freshman year of college ;) Let this be the last (at least of the legal ones!).

    Good luck in whichever route you chose!

    PS: stay away from alcohol until you can have it legally (and even then, lol)..once you're drunk, you're drunk- party gets busted, car gets pulled over, anything like that and you're toast if under-age. Just some words of wisdom..been there, done that :rolleyes:
  7. I do not see how the city police can legally send notice to your parents if you are 18. Once you are an adult it is not legal for the police to share any record of anything with anyone but you.
  8. Let the events run their course.


    "... Yes, I used marijuana. You also happen to live far away and cannot do a damn thing to control my activities. Please trust I'll keep up with my studies, as it is my first priority."

    Should work.
  9. Don't worry about it too much. Your parents know damn well college students drink, it's not a big deal. Pay the fine, be honest, and be responsible in the future.
  10. I'm in a simmilar situation!!

    I just got written up for something like "suspicion of marijuana use." Basically, I was smoking out front of the dorms and 2 University personnel see me taking my last toke and tossing it. They "detained" me and tried to look for what I had thrown. Needless to say they couldn't find it, there was no way they could have.

    The cops came in and questioned me, saying so what happened? I said "I was smoking a cigarette" which was the story i maintained the entire time. I told the cop i was willing to submit to a drug screen (which i doubt they would do, I'm not an athlete or anything).

    Question is: At my hearing, should I maintain my innocence? I was always taught to never self incriminate. They said it is best to be honest, but is it really in this case?

    Ps. They obviously know it probably wasn't a cigarette, but they can't prove it was weed either. I'm sure they will say they smelled it and my eyes were red, but they always say that.

    Serious advice only please.

  11. In this case, I'd stick with your story....there's no way they can prove you were lying....what if it really was a cigarette?

    In OP's case, he should be honest. Being honest with parents with stuff like this really is always the best way.....once you move out you'd be surprised at how much chiller some parents will act, and they'll respect your honesty.

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