need some advice asap please in flower ! first grow

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  1. hey everybody good to be here
    but not in the best of circumstances but im not afraid to say i need some help so ... lets get to it

    before i start rambling and you get bored and leave im having temp- humiditiy / ventilation

    its my first grow iv got a 80cmx80cmx160cm "growcell" grow tent , it came with a 400w magnetic growlush ballast and 2 400w globes obviously MH and HPS . it also came with a 6 inch inlet fan and duct oh by the way the light is reflector wing not cooled , so i stupidily put the 6 inch inlet fan at the bottem and i was sucking all this air in bulging the tent out when i know now that it was ment to go up the top inside and suck air out as a passive intake system . anyways iv got DAMNESIA, VANILLA KUSH, BUBBLEGUMMER and 8BALLKUSH and there all on day 26 of flower today , over the corse of veg i got a carbon filter and a 100ml ezi air fan and thats extracting air out the top everything was all going pretty smoothly for my first time but last few days when the light turns off the the humitidity rises when the inlet fan keeps sucking in cold air from the garage when the light turns off "I ASSUME" i could be wrong but when i go back in when the lights turn on 12 hours later theres some condensation inbetween leaves and shit so im worried about my buds since there getting dence i dont want no mould or nuttin

    cheeers in advanced everybody if iv left anything out that you need to no hit me up :)

    i was thinking maybe because the inlet fan is so over powering to the extracting fan i was going to go to the hydro shop today to get another one of the small 100ml ezi air fans to replace the inlet fan so there the same size , i calculated my room 35.152cubicfeet so if im correct i need 11.7cfm to exhange air once every 3 minutes ? but yeah shops closed and they dont sell dehumidifires near me at all im worried about tonight fucking shop whys it gotta be closed :(
  2. Hey welcome :) first get you big worry out the way from what it sounds like the leaves are transpiration. This is normal read some here Water appearing on top of fan leaves HELP! freaked me a bit at first too ;)

    I would recommend getting a gauge that has like air/rh and tracks your highs and lows.
  3. hey mate thanks for the reply :) yeah im going to bunnings to get a min max so i know whats really going down but i forgot to mention how annoying the weather is where i live one day sunny the next day raining and humid or just straight up freezing , so if the rh is 75% in my area at that point in the day is my tent gonna be at that level to ?

    just tryna wqrap my head around it enitially :) last 4 days relative humidity has been as follows 81%,42%,78,52%
  4. I am going to say no. At least for me it's not the same, but I did get some high ones before this made me get a humidifier because I did grow a nice fat widow that molded in the middle. Of course good air circulation is key as well.

    Every space is different though. But for you I get the gauges that's the best way to ever know. And it its that high, I think about getting a small dehumidifier for flowering of its in your budget. If not could do things like rice in the tent, ect.

  5. really rice ? like a bowl of raw rice haha ? im hoping once i even out the inlet and outlet fans it will make a big difference
  6. Yes, but it won't last long at all. But do you have an oscillating running?
  7. a really small shit 10 cm desk fan i needa upgrade that fan but a full size iscolating probly wont fit bro i cant really put anything more not comfortabley anyways but yeah the fan barely moves the plants pretty much just powerful enough to make a cool breeeze between the light and plants
  8. read alll of them aha .. but i can upload some photos in a hour or two once the light is if that helps was my working out of the cubic feet nd cfm ? becauswe if so fixing up my ventilation hopefully is my key ..
  9. so my lights on i got a wirless weather station in there nd im reading 18.2c and RH60% should i be trying to lower this concidering my flowers are half way done if not more

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