need some advice and input on grow room it would really be appreciated

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  1. Hi I am totally new to growing i have 2 plants about 1 month old that i started from bag seed I am reading alot but it gets kind of confusing. So this is what i got going i started my plants outdoors and recently brought them in i have a empty guest room and i lined a blue recycling bin with mylar and i have 6 micro mini cfl lights 1,450 lumens 6500k per 1 light i wanted to know is this sufficient even though it is in a large room here are the pics





  2. can i complete my indoor grow like this
  3. Yeah as long as it's light proof. Like, no unwanted light can leak in.
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    Yes you can, but like green thumbz says in his post the light leak is an issue. It can cause the plants to become stressed and might cause hermies.

    you are going to need to have some sort of fan to exchange air. Either an exhaust fan or/ plus a fan inside to blow on the plants to strengthen the stems. It is looking good though my man keep it up!
  5. thanks for replying I turn the main fan in the room on maybe once or twice a day for about 30-45 minutes how long should i keep the fan on and i think i am going to move the set up in my bathtub/shower in my bathroom with a black sheet over the window only problem is no fan
  6. You could put in a ceiling fan they're only like 30 bucks just need 3" hole usually

  7. I'm confused what you mean about main fan? Like a ceiling fan? the fan should be on the entire time the lights are, so 18 hours light and 6 of dark for veg and 12/12 for flower.

    a fan like this one will do:


    If it was me I'd also fashion a ghetto lid for the box you got and go for something like this in my crappy ms paint picture. that will help get the carbon dioxide across all the plants and will help exhaust heat.

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  8. Okay it is a ceiling fan so the whole time the lights are on keep the fan on and i am also switching the lighting schedule from 24/7 to 16-18 on thank you so much for helping me out

  9. I think you misunderstood. It's 18 hours of light and 6 hours of dark. Good luck.
  10. Your plant is in veggie stage you can leave them on 24/0 or 18/6. Id put some more mylar in. A fan like the one you have will work to push air out since its a small area to cool. Watch out for the heat build up even a thing like that can pack some heat from the CFLs. You will need more of those as well as time goes on.

    That box though is a short term thing. Your plants will get most likely considerably bigger and when you go to 12/12 you will want 100% darkness.
  11. Thank you all so much for the advice you are giving me what would you recommend I can do for the cheapest way to be able to grow them in indoors growbox and setup that will be a good size for veg and flowering so I don't have to keep changing the setup I have now I am pretty handy but my budget is really low any input will help it is actually really nice to be able to post on a forum as a beginner and have people help not just say shit like keep reading or some stupid reply without giving the advice or help it seems that alot of people that are advanced and have alot of knowledge on this forum forgot how it was when they were beginners
  12. Look on Amazon type in grow tent. I bought a 32x32x64 grow tent for 79 bucks...not the best out there but it suits my needs and was cheap.

    A good site for alot of stuff is Indoor Grow Lights by High Tech Garden Supply | Your Online Hydroponics Store I order off there alot. Fast shippers..Amazon though usually has alot of what they sell cheaper but about half of there stuff is specific to the

    Also if you look at the top of this forum you will see "stickies" there posts that stay at the top and usually are guides to help you out. There are tons of them on here. Got most of all the info I needed from them.
  13. Another thing if you were like me a poor college kid who had to buy his stuff a piece at a time thats fine to. Plants do not grow over night. At first all I had my plants in was a 55 gallon storage bin I had gotten at Walmart with CFLs all around them. About a month later got my current grow box, then HPS light etc.
  14. Same here poor college kid
  15. I dont know is it normal i noticed that at the top of 1 of my plants it is growing little white and a few red hairs it is only almost 2 months old and my other plant looks different in that it is a lighter green and not as matured looking as my other maybe you can notice in the pics i will post pics soon to show could it be a herme the only thing i changed was from 24/24 to 18/6
  16. yeah you can see it on the pics i posted already look at the plant in the darker pot as opposed to the other plant in the lighter colored pot

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