Need some advice about drip systems.

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  1. I tried using a water farm kit all the plumbing and used it in my bubble bucket. I had very slow growth and some health issues with the plant also very small root system. After 6 weeks i gently lifted the rapid rooter from the Hydroton there were lots of very small roots coming from the side and one tap root about 2-3 inches long. I took a chance and pulled it from the large net pot it was in took the drip ring setup out and put it into a small net pot in the dwc bubble bucket within 3 days I have explosive root growth and the plant at least the top portion of the plant seems very happy and growing fast. Why did the drip system prevent root growth so much it's like the roots were just lazy because of the constent feed or could the roots have been drowning? I'll post a picture of the plant if anyone could tell me what they think and if they think this plant will survive and produce anything that would be great also I've had to run very low ppm or the plant burns that's the health issues I mentioned before.
    I know everyone always asks for the specifics of the setup so here's the rundown.
    125 cfl
    Ph 5.9-6.1
    Ppm usually about 100 or the plant burns.
    5 gal bucket with a 6 inch airstone since I pulled the drip ring.

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  2. it could be your dripping to much or too less......wait what nutes are you using....somethings wrong them ppm's shouldnt burn a grass clipping.  why not just convert the rest to dwc buckets....its simple  and they probaably will produce better.....thats why it has the name big bud dwc system....
    ok your systems run both.....if your ppm's are at 100 then it has to be the ph..
    if the ph is perfect then it has to be the ppm's...
    is they good genetics?
    your temps must be too high...if your room temps too high thn your plants will drink more and burn....but not at 100...idk..what are your u keep checking your ph and ppm's maybe they have risen do to heat
  3. Nutes are dyna grow. I do have temp issues res is usually around 78 but I started using aquashield and have not had any issues with rot.
    I check ph and ppm daily.

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