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Need Smoking Tips from "seasoned tokers"

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by HuskyToker, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. So I now have a bong and I want to take bigger hits and be able to hold them in my lungs without coughing. What would be the best way to work up to a small bowl with keif on top out of a bong in one hit?
  2. Just keep rippin' the shit out of that glass. You will progressively able yourself to milk it longer and clear it no problem. Then once you got that down work on milk, clear, milk, clear. Biggg bigg hits.
  3. Start swimming, run, do breathing exercises. You lungs will become lungs of steel, and you can rip with the best of them.
  4. yeah, smoke and exersize like a madmand...
    I sugest taking up a brass, like the tuba:smoke:
  5. Take a deep hit then look at the ceiling. The stretching of your neck will put slight pressure on your neck hole (scientific term) making it easier to keep it in. Or I could be making this all up. Who knows.
  6. yeah dude just take good size swats (.1g should be good to start off with) the best peice of advice not to die from your bong is clear he whole thing and use your full breath in the bong( say you milk it and rip the bowl keep sucking and make sure all the smoke is down your lungs) i know his sounds like basics but most people dont do that and they die from the bong swat cause they still have half the smoke in their mouth and then they cough before blowing the smoke out. if you do your rips right after you blow it out youll feel a cough( if you get a really good hit you may feel coldsweats)

    hope that helps bongs are a great way to smoke glade you can enjoy the pleasure of smoking with water too :smoking:
  7. when i first got my bong i started with small hits cuz it destroyed me, then i could gradually work my way up to a full milk and clear it. but now ive been doing that for so long i cant do it anymore because my lungs are SHOT!

  8. Smoke 2 packs a day.

  9. i do ^^
  10. One point on filling up the chamber in the bong with smoke:

    After you feel that you have filled the chamber with enough smoke to make you choke, make sure to let off the bong really quick , exhale what air you have used filling up the chamber, and then inhale the hit that you still have in the chamber. You will get way bigger hits this way as opposed to trying to fill the chamber and clear the chamber on one lung full. Just thought I should point this out considering it took me awhile to get it when i first started using bongs long time ago.

  11. lol!
    haha that cracks me up
    yeah man just keep smokin and smokin and smokin and it'll get easier over time to rip the shit out of that thing
  12. It differs from bong to bong, but if you REALLY want to take some big htis you gotta cool the smoke. Use chilled water from the refrigerator, or ice if you can.

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