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  1. Im restarting to grow and i am literally at a complete loss for what to do as far as soil. I know fox farms is a great place to start. I have a good plant store nearby with plenty of options but im thinking of just ordering fox farms off the internet, Which foxfarm product would be best or how should i approach doing my own soil? Or is there a good really simple way to approach this that im not seeing? I JUST NEED HELP on what i should do.
  2. fox farm ocean out in my opinion...wont need nutes til the end of 3rd- start of 4th week of veg...cant go wrong..simply pour and plant...
  3. Foxfarm ocean forest potting soil mixed with perlite is what i use. I also use/used foxfarm nutrients grow big during veg and tiger bloom during flower. hope this helps
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    So you used those fox farm potting soil from start to finish stevie? And if you added anything what was it and when?

    And i dont mean to seem ignorant ayron, it just seems like if i use coco it is going to be more adding things or just more complicated. I want awesome soil and have read great things about coco but im kinda looking for least maintenance, but if it makes a huge difference i think ill put in the time and go for it!


    And this is my set up so far. Its a trash can i painted the inside white. I have four 100W 6500K cfl's a 50W 6500K and one 2700K 50W bulb. So plenty of light i believe. Just ordered seeds and like i said still deciding whether to get that fox farm ocean forest or go with coco. Kinda leading towards the fox farm just because of simplicity.
  5. Another for FF soil, sort of point and click. from seed to harvest. Buy their nutes and follow instructions and you can't go wrong. I grow with the t-5 lights because of the heat issue with the big lights. I don't get the yield the other guys get but because of the heat restrictions I'm happy

  6. yup from start to finish. i used only foxfarm mixed with perlite(90% soil 10% perlite)until i transplanted. i didnt use any nutes only pure water. when i transplanted i used 75% soil, 25% perlite and 2 tablespoons of happy frog bat guano(also a foxfarm product). thats it. for nutes i used grow big for veg and tiger bloom mixed with molasses for flowering. Also i would always mist my plant right when the light would go off almost everynight during veg and the start of flowering. i wont do it anymore during flowering because i read it causes mold.
  7. Sunshine mix #4 (Soil less) Most forgiving medium I have grown in. Easy too.
  8. See what you can source locally. With what you save on shipping you could make something way better than FF.

  9. i do not ever spray my plants feed through roots not leaves!!!!!!
  10. hey then dont spray feed your plants dude. im simply telling stoned14 what i did with my grow. if i want anybodys opinion on anything i ask them. if i give anybody my opinion its because im asked for it. im not trying to be a dick or anything, everyone has there own way of doing things
  11. Well my final question is if i should just pour the soil from the bag into the pot or do i need to bake it as iv heard some people do. Its not costing me shit to ship it so im just ordering it. Iv heard to get an aluminum pan and fill 3inch thick of dirt and bake till the soil is 160 degrees. Should i do this or is it safe to go from the bag to the pot? (no pun intended).

    And what you guys think about the setup? ill post another pic

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  12. its good to go right out the bag man. ive heard of people baking their soil but never actually seen a grow from baked soil.

  13. yea just sounds like it would kill the seed.
  14. The FFoF is good soil, but be a little careful, as that soil tends to be a little "hot", i.e; very nutrient rich.
  15. You dont bake the soil when its planted buddy. You bake it before planting to kill any bacteria or what not.
  16. And can anyone give me a thumbs up or thumbs down for the set up im showing.
  17. A good base I use is 3 parts ocean forest 1 part light warrior 1 part Perlite. The Perlite help aeration the light warrior for more water retention and to help the natural compaction that you run into with ocean forest. I do not star the seeds in this. It can be a little warm but no need for food for 3 to 4 weeks.
  18. I just asked the same question (more or less) in another thread...I should have looked around first, lol! I was also thinking about doing the light warrior, perlite and Ocean Forrest. I also hear alot of folks say to to look for local sources that can save me money. I have asked several times about using a less aggressive feeding mix like MG Organic since I know its in my local store...I have not gotten anyone to say wether they have experience with it or not?

  19. For me its about experimenting. The three part mix is working for me. You can see picks in my journal. It his high in nitrogen so my nute mix is the Lucas formula with advanced hydro. The plants were healthy and fed for about a month before anything was needed.

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