Need Serious Lighting Help...

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by skavenger, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. Hey Everyone hows it going.Long Time viewer First time poster.Anyways I just finished My germination and the seeds are all planted.Now I got 6 plants growing (I actually bought the some NL seeds).There just realxing in the shade now till they sprout throughthe soil,so far so good.Here comes the question...

    Now when they are about to be put under light what kind of fixture can the bulbs go on.Im planning to use CFL bulbs but Im just kind of confused.Do I just get a couple lamps for all the plants or should i get some sort of fixture that you can put several CFL bulbs in and hang over the pots, if so where can you find those.I know it sounds like a simple question but Im just lost here.Thanks for the help.
  2. First, you should sprout your lights where there is light not shade.

    Next, Ideally you would want a a light fixture that has multiple sockets for bulbs kind of like what you would use in a Vanity Mirror, and load it up with CFLS you can find some hanging ones online, or you can try local stores that sell different kind of lighting fixtures.
  3. or you could use Florescent Tude .. thier cheaper :)

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