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  1. Okay so I'm going to be growing outdoors this season, and need to figure out the supplies I need, I'm going to be growing 24 plants in a 2 x 2 x 3 hole.

    My method is going to be super soil. Here's the recipe:
    I've been trying for hours to figure out how much soil and compost to purchase. I'm going to layer the soil 50/50.

    So I calculated I need 77 gallons per hole.
    That's 38.5 gallons super soil, and 38.5 gallons of base soil.

    I just need to figure out how much base soil total, and how much super soil amendments I will need.
    I just can't figure out the ratios, and need to know asap since ss takes 30 days to cook.

  2. I don't normally mix everything together in one go because a few of the additive you listed work best at a certain depth. For example... blood meal and fish bone meal will best benefit a plants root system if those additives are mixed at the top soil level, 0 to 8 inches in depth only, because those nutrient additives are better delivered to the root system only through watering. As far as the Bat Guano goes, I would never directly add that to my soil mix, I only make a tea with it, strain it, then feed it to my plants once every four weeks, 1 cup per 5 gallons of non-chlorinated water. Even a little bit directly added to my cannabis soil mixture makes the soil way to hot for my liking. And that effect will be greatly compounded if you live in a high humidity area. That's why I only use the tea method for feeding my plants that additive. All the other stuff I mix together, but I always mix my lime last as I use that additive to sure up my soils ph level.
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  3. no outdoor experience but I plan to do one with a buddy this year so im subbed
  4. I can understand what your saying but I'm going for 12+ foot plants and I think this hot mix is going to be perfect for it, I just can't figure out the calculations, and also I'll be growing in the hottest part of socal 90-1 in summer plants with hot nutrients and water grow like wild fire.
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  5. Never grow in a hole. Raised garden, or even better 5 gal (or bigger) fabric pots. It gives you way more control.

    Be kind. Perfect your craft. Give more than you take. We are family.
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  6. I did 10 gallon pots and my plants outgrew them in 2 months.. I can't do pots because it gets so hot here there dry out so fast mid summer it's 110 plus with us scale 15/15
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  7. We had a successful grow last season then got KILLEEED my grow nugs turned brown and a all fell off :/ plus were having problems with plants getting to big
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  8. Fair enough!

    Be kind. Perfect your craft. Give more than you take. We are family.
  9. Skip the blood and bone meals.. Slaughter grade animals it comes from is the lowest of the low and it can bring diggers like skunks, possums and raccoons to your grow..
    Nugs don't just turn brown and fall off.. Caterpillars are the likely culprit So Cal is rampant with moths and the larva caterpillars and they just love budding cannabis..
    BT weekly is what I've used for years..


    The Bonide Thuricide is the one I use as I can get it at Armstrong garden centers here in So Cal..
    Weekly all year long.. The moths never seem to stop so I don't either..

  10. I appreciate all the help, and yea I'll probably supplement with some other nutrient, but does anyone know how much of what I'd never? Cause I'm trying to order the stuff but can't figure the calculations
  11. Yea the problem was I tried a green house grow, and ran out of btr right during flowering and like in 2 days the caterpillars took over, and I'm guessing it's worse when it's in a greenhouse as one moth gets in, infects your crops and theres no predators there to help
  12. Out of curiosity, Is this a guerilla grow?
    Roots organic is fine soilless mix that will work well.
    Make sure the holes get good sunlight - if not the mix won't matter. I use a phone app called Lumos that shows the sun path over the sky during the grow season. I really like this tool.
    Good luck!
  13. No its legal prop 215 grow in socal, with zero shade and 17+ of sunlight in the summer, that's another reason they get so big
  14. Do you know how much soil and amendments I'm going to need to purchase? I might substitute and use sunshine #4 and add rabbit pellets and pure wood ash, and a fish at the bottom, with molasses watering
  15. Wow, for 24 holes size 2x2x3 = 12cf - 3.8cf bale of sunshine mix = 80lbs which would mean about 240lbs per hole. 24 holes times 240lbs is a lot of material.
    You could do 7 gallon grow bags for each plant....?
    For me, I just amend the native soil with compost, vermiculite, rock dust, and nutrients. Good airy soil is important and I use of vermiculite and or perlite. I test the soil ph before i start amending the soil. I try to get the soil to be about 6.5 ph to avoid nutrient lockouts which is a big problem for MJ. I normally need to acidify the soil in my area to lower the soil ph.
    Be careful with the wood ash as it can really raise the soil ph. You may want to avoid this altogether.
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    It sounds like you might have a fair knowledge about growing but I would just like to suggest to take your first outdoor grow down a few notches. I, for one would feel a little intimidated trying a first outdoor grow this big. I mean your talking thousands of gallons of material. That's no small chunk of change, nor small amount of work. Indoor growing is for the most part, fairly transparent. You know what your putting in, and you will know what you will get out. 100% climate and light control, dialing in water down to the oz, and so on. Outdoor growing is a different story. Do not get me wrong I admire your drive and determination (and balls) to try and pull off a pretty extensive outdoor grow for your first time and hey man if you have your mind set, by all means go for it. Just remember its not uncommon at all to have things go south fast outdoors and it can happen to anyone. There have been seasons where i have felt lucky to salvage a couple plants out of many by the end of the grow. Ask yourself if you are ok with those kinds of risks/$ loss. Please do not take this as me trying to scare you away from outdoor growing, or from your idea(s). Growing outdoors is a beautiful thing and can be very rewarding, just from my experience it usually takes atleast a season or two to get everything dialed in at any given location/strain(s)/method. Just keep that in mind before spending thousands. Either way, GOOD LUCK!!!
  17. But based on your materials and calculations above, your looking at 12 cubic ft of material each hole, or 90 gal. According to your plan you are adding roughly 20% ewc and 25% perlite, and a few % in other amendments. so you could say with the ewc, perlite, fish/blood meals, guano, etc...your looking at about 50% amendments, so obviously the other 50% soil. That being said, you should need 400-450 gal (~60 cubic ft) of ewc, 450+ gal (~60+cubic ft) of perlite, roughly 110 gal (~15 cubic ft) of other combined amendments, and lastly, about 1100 gal (150 cubic ft) of soil for all 24 holes.

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