Need Serious Help with runt plant

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    Got this clone "kush berry" from a club, the rest of the clones came up nice but this one has been about 10 inches(!!) since late May. in mid July I stopped paying attention to it and it started to wilt until yesterday I soaked it, it's looking better but is there anyway to get it to grow?

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  2. Use a very very verrrrrry light amount of nutes and water the shit outta it? That poor baby is lookin fucked man!
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    The plant behind it looks worse. Fill the hole back up with soil to start.

    You plant has been going back from bud to veg. Notice most your leafs only have one finger? The new green leafs some all only one finger.

    To me it looks like the plant is re-veging. Or coming back to like after no water for ever. IS there a light that shines on the plant at night? I would just say it's from no care. But the single leafs has got me wondering. Tell me more....

    A single finger leaf is a sure sign a plant is reveging or going back and forth from veg to flower or the other way. You can also find single fingers on plants that have a lights shine on them when it's dark.
  4. no light shines on the plant at night, I don't know about the plant, it was different since I first got it as a clone, it already looked like it was starting to flower but it hadn't advanced so I'm attempting to force flower the plant

  5. Okay this explains the single finger leafs.

    when ever a plant reveges or converts you will get single finger leafs and really ugle growth for about 2 weeks.

    Cover the root ball friend. How did the plant get dug like that?

    I would love to see this plant come back. Talk about a fight for like. Geeez

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