Need serious help determining havest day

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by The"G"maN, Aug 22, 2017.

  1. Currently im on day 107 my plant has been looking beautiful but im not sure if i should harvest her already in the current condition she's in or should i wait it out a week or two more

    Ive grown before but only made it to harvest once and that was a while back looking for advice and guidance
  2. You so you want advice but post no pics or info about the strain?

    Have you checked the color of the trichomes and is it a sativa leaning strain?
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  3. Hold up man they on the way bout to post in a minute
  4. More on the way
  5. I know its some form of sativa but not 100% sure it was actually a bag seed if thats hard to believe but shes looking good i would say
  6. Also noticed that my plant keeps shooting out new pistils just when i think shes ready to havest is that normal or a sigm of some sort of problem
    Kinda confused about the situation and not sure what to do
  7. Any suggestions on what to do
  8. Your no where near done homie you need several weeks and honestly looks like there lacking in light only opinion from the pics

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  9. I currently have 3 60w cfls on her so what timeline you giving an extra month or so?
  10. Should i lower my lights?
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  11. 2 weeks minimum. Then check trichs I like 'em mostly milky with little amber. You can do this with a phone if you have a decent camera but a magnifying lens is best.

    Don't lower the lights, looking at the leaves it seems like there may be heat stress.
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  12. Nevermind just checked my lights and theres 2 23w bulbs and 1 13w bulb

    You said they seem to lacking light what watyage cfl would you recommend so i can get them asap

    Also what timeline do you think i should wait before havesting because i ordered a magnifer but gotta wait for it to arrive to examine the trics
  14. 59watts total you should add at least a total of 150watts

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  15. Thanks for they advice ill head to the hardware store in a bit
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