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Need serious advice, super FUCKED UPPP situation.

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Nodder, Aug 27, 2010.

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  1. So I went on CraigsList to laugh at the funny posts. My mom has been married for a very long time like 15 years+not sure exactly, they dont have the best relationship though. I have a little sister as well. So anyways, I see a post looking for a "fuck" and it sounded JUST like her, same little town and everything. So I make an e mail and play dumb, and what do ya kno...its her. I was so shocked/pist/like wtf? I e mailed her afterwards and was like what the fuck is wrong with you do you have any idea the fucked up shit that could happen online. What would you guys do in this situation? Peace everybody.
  2. .....well first of all I would never go on craigslist again, EVER. Honestly I don't know what you should do, tell your dad maybe? Exolain to your mom the horribly fucked up things that can happen through craigslist hookups?
  3. The sad part is I have the greatest relationship you can ever imagine with her bro, like really amazing shes my everything. This shit has me beside myself, that is steeping so low. And I never ever go on CraigsList, this was the first time in like 4 months and it wasnt for ANYTHING but to laugh at what the people say, little did I know id be laughing at my own mother.
  4. I think you've said what you needed to say to her already in your initial email, and to be totally honest, while it may be difficult for you to step back from this, that would honestly be my advice.

    Reverse the situation and see what I mean. You want to "live your life" just as much as she probably wants to live hers. The unfortunate matter that she is still married does suck (and God forbid your Dad is doing or has done something similar), but really man, do you want to continue digging into her personal/sex life? You may not like what you find there.

    Good luck with it.
  5. Yeah i think walking away might be the best thing to do here. If you already told her how messed up craigslist is, there's not much more you can do. Telling your dad would ruin/break up the family that your little sister still has to grow up with.
  6. Thanks dude, but yeah we are literally like best friends no joke so this is real fucked up. I dont know why the fuck shes doing this, possibly a mid-life-crisis. Who knows. I just get more worried about all the sick fucks online thasts what bothers me the most out of this situation, shes literally the only poster that even has a poster by our area which is not a big town.
  7. Exactly thats why I wouldnt do it. She sketched out too she messaged back like "Who the hell is this!? Im not maried!" tryin to pretend it wasnt her. Its funny cause the e mail she made and used I seen it the other day and I said to myself "Whos e mail is that?" I didnt even think twice about it though. She was acting sooooo sketch after that too ha like walking in my room asking how im doing, looking at my computer and shit. Making herself look SO guilty. Like I said before though, im just so scared as to what sick fucks she could meet on there. Some sickos that like are stalkers and shit. I wonder how many times shes cheated...what a fucked situation. I said in the e mail I was like stop being a piece of shit go fuck your husband, go rekindle your marriage with your husband. I was like how shitty can you get?
  8. I'd probably just let it go. I know you're worried about her but it's her business, not yours. Definitely a fucked up situation though. Good luck.
  9. Just be glad it wasnt your dad on casual encounters with a picture of his ballsack in a tea cup saying "tea anyone?"
  10. Ya. What sucks even more is I dont even have any weed to smoke to ease my mind. Dry as a motherfucker. Oh well, I just gotta pray that she doesnt come across any psycho fucks.
  11. If you think you can handle the answer you could ask her why and try to have an adult discussion about it. I don't know your family at all, maybe she had a justification. Even if you don't agree with it, or if it seems selfish, it may shed some light for you. However it may (probably would) lead to either an argument, or even to breaking up the family if things get out of hand.

    Your best decision is to just walk away for now.

    I say for now because personally, I would keep an eye on craigslist and other sites and see if she continues or if you scared her straight. The longer she keeps it up the more chance there is for your father to accidentally stumble upon her deviances, which could potentially be an even worse thing for a family to go through.

    Please take into account the bold and italics. This is my case, if it were my family, with my set of ideals. If anybody doesn't agree with me, please feel free to say so, just don't personally attack, please.

    P.S. Sorry you're dry for now man, hang in tight, your fellow blades are here for ya.
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    so you were looking for a booty call but instead found your

    link ??

  13. Thanks so much man I really appreciate it. I wrote in the e mail how awkward it probably feels with her, so I wouldnt talk about it to her face, plus I already know she will just deny it like she already tryed. Ill just let it be and keep it in the back of my head and keep an eye open.

  14. lmao I was waiting for someone to say they are goin to fuck this kids mom or look for a link to the add.

    But in all seriousness wow... If this is a real situation that is crazy. Just let your mom live her life.

    You cant really judge her in any way. Do you know everything she went threw growing up? Maybe she has a messed up sexual incident thats affecting her now in life.
  15. Nah I wasnt looking for a booty call at all. I would never go threw online to fuck a bitch. So risky. Mad dudes. And I know for a fact she didnt go through shit growing up besides having tons of boyfriends. Whatever I dont give a fuck what this fuckin bitch does even tho she is like my best friend im gonna grow up and just not care anymore. If she wants to be a piece of shit then so be it, im pretty sure shes at some dudes house right now actually.
  16. then if you do not care just post the link.

    where do u even live anyway
  17. Maybe mom needs to feel better about herself, maybe dad isn't hitting it hard enough. Either way, a little extra marital ass-tapping isn't the end of the world. The whole "craigslist is full of rapists and killers" is bullshit. It's time to put on your big boy pants and recognize that this world isn't perfect, and that applies to parents too.

    Look, send me her email, and a few current pics, and I'll give her a good tongue lashing. Regardless of what happens, you can always call me "Mike" (or maybe "Big Poppa").
  18. Craigslist is full of aids/hiv and scammers and weird males posting ads like

    "Female needed for nude art photography - Will pay well"


    "Man with a foot fetish - How would you like to get paid to have me worship your feet?"
  19. I refuse to believe this is true...
  20. 2k+ views hilarious
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