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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Manali-light, Nov 12, 2005.

  1. Hey i'm gonna get some seeds online and have em delivered to INDIA and grow some shit..Where is the best place to get blueberry seeds maybe even 100% fem. and what other strains would u suggest.
  2. Dude definately white widow or white russian. But, if you're looking for something easy, jsut try some bagseeds first. You could probably get some from friends for free, and it be better than potentially killing off some 150$ seeds on your first grow like I did!
  3. Thx man..The prblem of growing here in India is basically getting the seeds...I only come back home like once a year so thats what i'm really counting on gettin...i'd probably get some bag seeds of blueberry and some of the strains u suggested..Here is a list of the things i think i nead so please be kind enough to guide me...

    1) Seeds

    2) Lights ( HPS - 400W (the darn thing is less then 20$ here)

    3) lighting fixatures...

    4) Ph meter

    5) fans

    6) commercial exaust..

    7 Soild
  4. would also suggest....northern lights, white widow, and afghani. but yeh i would try bag seed first......alot cheaper if something goes wrong.

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