need seeds/short of cash

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by overgrowray, Jul 15, 2002.

  1. I really don't like buying seeds from websites, i'm not a trusting person and the prices are always way too high. Can someone help me out and sell me some extra seeds they got or whatever. I really don't feel like paying anymore than $5-10 (american dollas), because i don't have more than $10, hehe. I just need to get some mother plants going then i'll be fine till the end of time.
  2. How many you need? I am going to buy some online, considering I don't grow at my house so it's pretty much safe, unless they follow me to finds house but I will take that risk.

    But first I want to grow at least 20 females without buying online so I am going to use bag seeds. I am getting 2 kilos, (4.4 lbs) from FL, my shipment is comming in on the 22nd. If you want seeds from that email me, or pm. Those are what I plan to use for my first set of like 20 females
  3. i found someone to send me a few top quallity strains. I'm going to see if i get them first, and whut all happens after that. Tell me how your plants turn out, good luck!
  4. Going to make some bag weed from florida seeds, not sure if that really going to make a differnece or not. And then get me some white willo's and blueberry, and orange and hmm a few other good ones I wanted to try. Think I will take pictures and post later on showing progress.

    Anyone know a site to find seeds for orange bud, think I have heard a few people say they are growing that, or something close to that, but can't find a site with the seeds :(
  5. check out
  6. Got good seeds 20 gets you 15 dynomite weed seeds.If intrested lets talk somewhere else.
  7. hey potsmoker u think u could hook me up wit about 10 seeds?
  8. pm me and we can talk if you like !!!!!!!!!!!
  9. i got about 30+ northern lights seeds left. Any one interested let me know .. threw privste message
  10. I have 14 dollers (US) I live in washington and I am interested
    in buying some seeds I dont need 2 many replie asap we can make the trade this week!(anybody)

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