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  1. Hi everyone
    First time grower/poster here
    This is my first girl - Pineapple Express auto.
    I wanna know how does she look for 5th week

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  2. Looking nice mate, I don't see any obvious issues. On the left is a bruce banner auto at 3 weeks (germed over xmas weekend) I've got going, shes my biggest of this lot, and I've been at this for a few years, so I'd say for a first time grow your certainly on the right track for week 5.
    Lot better than my first plants!

    Only advice I'd give is that the plant should start "stretch" soon, so make sure you have pre-planned your grow area and training / topping method (if any) to accommodate them as they can shoot up pretty quickly.

    I wasn't prepared for how quick autos can stretch sometimes, left my grow area for about a week for work and come back to this (top right plant) The bottom right auto I was able to catch in time and top.

    Both plants produced about 100 grams dried, I just personally find them much easier to manage and work around by keepping them squat and dense. Lots of folks out here though do much better with different methods, but my first time with autos I got caught off guard by the quickness of stretch, just thought it might be a good heads up to give you. Apologies if you were already aware, but that top right auto I Iet grow wild ended up having a 4 foot long main stem by the time she was finished..
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  3. Not bad, I think you should top it now, because I don't see any white hair's yet.
    That will kick in your side growth. Good luck.
  4. Here's one 25 days old that was topped

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  5. Thanks for reply
    As it's my first time growing I'm not sure how far I'm allowed to go, so far I plan to start low stress training this girl in few days
  6. I'm not sure I should try topping right off as I don't know how a plant should behave with or without training.
    Wasn't sure about LST for first plant but decided to do it anyway.
    Got couple new seeds today that I plan to improve my methods on.
    Let me know if u think I should go for topping anyway
  7. I am growing my first Auto. I decided not to do anything. It would have benefited from LST and some light training. Avoid transplanting if you can, I stated mine in too small of a pot.
  8. If you want more out of it, top it now. I'm surprised at 5 weeks there is no pistols showing yet, you sure it's a auto.
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  9. I'm sure it's auto. U mean It's behind schedule??
  10. I started in 5 gallon right away so I think it's good to
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  11. 5 gallon pot is good to start it in, that's what I do.
    A Lot of auto's will show signs of sex around 30 days or so.
    I top mine auto's at the 4th or 5th node on day 19 usually.
    As far as LST you don't have any thing to train right now that's why I said top it now and get those side branches to start growing.
    Then you can do LST once they get long enough to tie down.
    On a good grow I usually get 6 o/z per auto plant. The most I got was 24o/z + that was from fast buds and it was gelato. And three plants
    But you can check out my grow journal on auto's and see but if it was mine I would top it.
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    When did you transplant? I start all my autos in tiny pots due to space. Grow them outside but start in a 3x3 or 4x4 with vegging photos, Cant fit 8-12, 5 gallon pots in a 3x3. Average 4-6oz, with all weed but autos especially genetics plays a large part in final outcome.

    I don't train besides some light cropping inside the tent to help light penetration on lower sites to help them shoot up before going outside. If solely growing indoors would probably do more
  13. Looks green to me,
    But I guess the color green really doesn't exist ?
    Does the color green exist : r/AskPhysics - reddit
    Green is the reflected wavelength around 550nm and that's the light that you see, red and blue are the absorbed wavelengths that the object gets rid of. When you shine white light on an object, the red and blue components of the light are absorbed and what's left is the green, so the object appears green. Any color on the outer curved edge of this diagram are made with single wavelengths and pure green is among those colors.:hookah:
  14. Hey man
    At earlier stages for this one I made couple of rookie mistakes like overwatering, just thought that might be the reason for delay of early flowering. U think that might be it?
  15. A auto is going to flower weather you over water it or not, will just stunt the growth. Feed when the pot feels lite. I also feed my plants from the start. Good luck you will learn what to do on this one for the next one.
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  16. Thanks bro.
    Got two seeds today and feel more confident about them as I'll already have some experience to treat them better
  17. Spammer reported.
  18. If you continue to have issues watering and plant growth, adding quite a bit more perlite will help. 25-30%
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    [​IMG] Yo guys
    This browning? Or spots? On top side of branches - is it normal? If not, any ideas?[​IMG]

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