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Need Recipes! ( It would help my sick bro. )

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by AmsterdamdreamN, Sep 13, 2003.

  1. WOW!! It's been a LONG time since I've had a chance to make it around here to the City. I doubt if many people remember me, (I doubt if many knew me well enough to forget me) If you DO remember me, it's probably from the humor section or news from around the world. I used to try to post some stuff in the humor, or reply to the news, when I got the chance. But anyhoo, About four of five months ago, I had an Aunt die. My older brother came up, ( he lives a couple hundred miles away )and we drove to her funeral together. He's in his early fifties, and always a partier. We stayed overnight in the town where she was buried. While we were there, I noticed my brother wasn't eating anything. When I asked him about it, he told me he hasn't been able eat or get anything down. He said he had made a few Dr. appointments, but always had to reschedule, and so on. Well, my sister and I more or less took him go to see the doc. To make a long story short, he has esophagus cancer. He has been getting treatments ( radiation & chemo ) and is scheduled to have his esophagus removed next week. Well, a few days ago, he actually got some food down. Even though it was only a few Junior Mints, it was something! What we were thinking was, I would like to try to make a little cannibus fudge to take to him. I need it to be smooth & creamy. What I was wondering is, if anyone here knows a good recipe. I have heard of melting butter and letting the herb soak in it. Then squeeze out all the butter, and it gets the THC out of the bud, and into the butter?? I need some help here folks, everytime I've cooked with herb, it gets all grainy. I need something smooth that wont get stuck in his throat. I know I probably could have looked around the web, and found what I'm needing. But I really don't have the time or patience right now. After the time I spent here, I am pretty sure someone will come through for me and my bro. There are some pretty beautiful peeps here. Thanks for your time. Hopefully I'll get to come around more often, pretty soon.

    For those who are curious, the doctors told my brother the main cause of his cancer was Acid Reflux. Not smoking or drinking.
  2. AmsterdamdreamN, it's good to see you back. I am very sorry for the loss of your Aunt and for your brother's illness. We'll all send karma and love your way.

    (If I knew about cooking with MaryJane then I'd offer some tips but I really don't.)
  3. just make that butter obliv was talkin about and you use that butter for any reciepes you like,...fudge is very good.
  4. Thanks guys! I really appreciate it. Unfortunately, I didn't get to try it yet. I didn't get to go down there till the night before his surgery. In case anyone was curious, he had his esophagus, and part of his stomach removed. There weren't any complications during the surgery. But due to the severity of the surgery, they will keep him knocked out for a couple of days. ( To keep him from tearing anything apart inside ) And by knocked out, I mean KNOCKED OUT! He is on a respirator, because one of the medicines is a total muscle paralyzer. I am going to go back up on Fri. of next week. ( With some butter! ) The doctors said he is almost past the dangerous part, and now the hard work begins. There were no visual signs of the cancer, and they sent off some of his lypmh nodes, to be checked for microscopic cancer cells.

    Once again, thanks obliviot I'm sure both my brother and I will appreciate the info. I'm gonna try to make it before I go see him again. I want to make sure I know what I'm doing before I experiment on my bro.

    RMJL, Thanks for the warm thoughts and all the great mojo thats been sent. Pretty soon ( hopefully ) I'll be back, trying to make it into the ranks of 'regular citizen' of the city.

    highawatha, You bet I'm gonna try it! I've been wanting to try it for quite a while. Just wasnt sure how. But now ( thanks to obliviot ) I've got a pretty good idea how. But first I'll try to make something easy , like cinnamon toast or dropping a glop of it in some hot chocolate, before I try a real recipe. And I love fudge too.

    Once again, thanks for the support, and I'll let him know that a bunch of fellow pot-heads he's never met are wishing him well. He'll love that. Once again, you have proved to me that this place has the BEST people on the net.
  5. This is off-topic, but whoa. That freaks me out. I was just diagnosed with esophogitis, caused by bad acid reflux. I had no clue it could lead to cancer. I know how he feels about the food, it really is hell. Sending prayers/good vibes his way.

    With me I could never eat anything, or even be around it. If he's anything like me (and im assuming it's alot worse) he won't want to be around it when he's feeling sick. I'd always smoke a few bowls before I ate so I could keep it down. So maybe have him smoke a bowl then have him eat the cookie. Then his stomach won't be so upset, because it takes ~45-60 minutes and he might not be able to keep it down for that long.
  6. one tiny part about your butter ,.... use real butter,
    i simmer just under a boil for quite a long time then use a cheese cloth and gloves ( its very hot) to strain out everything and squeeze alll the butter and green stuff into a large bowl, throw away the stuff in the cheese cloth, then this strained mixture goes into the fridge for a few hours, then you should have green hardened butter atop yucky brown goo water....get butter, throw away yucky goo water. kinda a given but thought id mention it :)
    an one more thing, the butter doesnt have as long of a fridge life as real butter

    good luck to all
  7. Thanks for the extra info there highawatha! It will defeinately come in helpful. I'm going to fix it Thur. night hopefully.

    Hey Knucks, your not off topic at all. I found what you said interesting and informative. Thanks for the Vibes and prayers, I am sure that is what is helping the most. But I probably should have mentioned he also has a pretty bad case of emphesema(sp?). The surgery he had is kinda wild, when you hear about it. When they removed his esophagus, they pulled his stomach up into his chest cavity. ( crazy! ) And I'm afraid if he tokes any, he'll start coughing real bad and tear some of the work the doctors did. So he'll probably have to give up toking for a bit.

    One question about the butter. If I use more herb in it will it be more potent. Or is there peak to the potency ratio?
  8. my wife and i have enjoyed the best results by using the oven to make the green butter. You need a covered casserole dish, coursely ground dried MJ, enough unsalted butter to cover, (the usual ratio is 1lb of butter to 2oz of MJ) and a splash of canola oil (helps to keep the butter from burning). Heat this mixture in a 200F degree oven for 1 to 4 hours (the longer you leave it in, the higher the potency)check it frequently to ensure the butter does not turn brown, lower the heat if you see any sign of brwoning. Remove this mixture to a strainer lined with 6 layers of cheese cloth and squeeze out any butter from the herb into a seperate container. Cool to room temp or refridgerate....use imediately for best taste.
    The butter may be of liquid consistancy but performs just the same as fresh in baked goods (brownies do well because they use a good amount of butter to make).For confections such as fudge, put half the green butter your recipee calls for into your mixer while still warm(not hot) and slowly beat in the other half of cold butter, adding slowly in 1/4 inch cubes untill incorperated (like making a berblanc sauce).
    The higher the quality of MJ ,of course, will give you a more potent butter, however, we have used stems and leaves to make it and have deffanately enjoyed great results.

    for a good brownie recipee go to and serach through "good eats" or "sweet dreams"
  9. Thanks for all the good karma that everyone sent. The messages and PM's of kindness and encouragement REALLY helped me through a tough time. Sorry I haven't got to come by sooner or more often, but I've been real busy. My brother got out of the ICU a couple days ago, and HE GETS TO GO HOME TOMORROW!!! :hello: I'm leaving later tonight, to go down there. I called some old friends from down there, and they have me a little 'special package' for my cooking experiment. Well, pretty soon, hopefully, I'll get to come back around here more. ( If you all don't mind. ) Even though, my brother had awesome surgeons, state of the art technology, and plenty of medicines and such, I know it was the vibes you people sent, that made him able to come home. For that I thank you. :wave:
  10. That is great news!!! :D I am so glad that everything is going well and that he's getting to go home. The karma and good vibes will still keep coming your way to help with his recovery. It's pretty amazing what good vibes can do. It's been almost a year since I asked for some karma when my mother was so sick and I still believe that it was the goodness all of these stoners pulling together that made her better.

    Take care of your brother and get back here when you can! :)
  11. Ok peeps, It's been a few weeks since I gave an update on my bro. Thanks to the LOVE, PRAYERS, AND STONEY VIBES sent my brothers way, I can happily report, he is Cancer free! They found no cancer cells in his lymph nodes, and all the following tests have proven cancer free too. He has been a little tender and sore, but in great spirits. His larynx is frozen open, and he can talk, but he can't hold a breath in. So if he does any kind of exertion, he can't catch his breath. The doc's aren't sure if this is going to be permanent, but they really don't think so. But it could take 6 months to a year to find out. So that more or less takes the option of smoking out. As for eating, he is eating on his own, no more 'tube food'. But the size of his meals sure has shrunk. About the most he can eat right now is 1 fried egg, 1 piece of bacon, and a little coffee. And he's done, and thats a big breakfast for him. Thanks to you alls advice, I must have became a pretty good cook. I made a little bit of 'butter' And he told me it really helps him out. I tried a little sample, and ( if I don't say so my self ) it was pretty good. For a little bit, I didn't think it was doing anything, then right in the middle of a rerun of 'King of the Hill', it really hit me. Pretty awesome!

    RMJL, you have been awesome! Thanks to you and all the people here like you, You all have really helped me get trough this tough time. Even if you don't think you did, you did. A lot of the times when I was feeling pretty bummed out, all I had to do was come here and read through the posts. Whether it was in Jokes, PandorasBox. If you put somethig there, you helped a fellow out. Thank you all! Like they always say, "There's no love like STONEY LOVE! Thanks again!
  12. Congradulations! I'm so glad your brother made it through :D:D
  13. I'm so happy to know he's better. We'll all keep sending that ~karma~ and lots of good vibes his way so he can have the full recovery that he deserves. You're obviously a GREAT brother and he's very lucky to have you. :) Stoney Love is the best love and we have plenty of it to share. You're part of this family so be prepared when you feel those stoney love vibes hitting you at times when you least expect it!!!! In fact, you should be feeling a little something right now. ;)

    I hope that everything else in your life is going well. I know that's it hard to keep things balanced when you devote most of your time to one thing. Good luck with everything and remember to keep us posted. We love ya, man!!! :D

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