need receiver for home theater system

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  1. i know this isn't related to this site but.
    I have the Paramax P-6 speaker set up it says its can do 1000 watts total, what kind of basic receiver do i need to full power these?

    # 1000 Watts Total System Power
    # 10” Long Throw Drivers
    # Crossover Point: 7KHz
    # Efficiency: 88 dB
    # Impedance: 4-8 Ohms
    # Front Center & Surround Power (5x150w)
    # Subwoofer Power (250 Watts)
    # Complete 6-Piece Surround Speaker System
  2. I have a Sony Receiver I bought from Circuit City before they went out of business. I believe it's 500 watts. It's got HDMI and all that jazz. Give those a look. I love mine.
  3. First off. Thats what you speakers can handle. And its probably actually lower then that because they rate that at peak power. Your looking for continious and rms. Thats what the true output of that amp is. Id probably get a 6 or 7 channel preferabbly a pioneer. They make great amps and speakers
  4. I use an Onkyo receiver @ 75 watts/channel X 7, and a Polk sub. I realize that's not a lot of power, but it's more than enough to make movies and music enjoyable, and for the price it's clean power. Denon, Yamaha, Harman Kardon, Onkyo, and Marantz make some nice, affordable receivers for the price.

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