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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by LuNaTiX, Jul 29, 2003.

  1. My cat and my cats partner have 8 plants outdoors in the woods, They live in eastern canada and are haveing some trouble with pests, my cats partner told my cat about how he was seeing holes in the leaves of the plants, he is not sure what insect is doing it but seems quite worried, so my cat is curious about what insects are causeing this, they are small holes like maybe pin sized all over here n there, Is there something my cat can do to help keep these annoyances away from the plants? because my cat seems to think it may slow down the growth process a bit. Any ideas?
  2. lots of bugs eat plants, no really big deal. Any type of insecticied tht is safe to use on vegatables will knock out the bug problem. Just make sure you don't smoke it after sprayingit down, give it some time for the chemicals to brake down and wash off the plant.
  3. LuNaTiX

    I think Your "cat" needs to rethink that pest problem show him this and be prepared for some excitement

    but do a few bowls first! I'm sill laughin' my ass off ,Sorry to all you catlovers out there this is not 4 you

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