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  1. i got some clones the other day i have been vegging them for about 3 day under a 400w hps with 18/6 light cycle and i wanted to change the light cycle to 24. so would that mess anything up? i know to can veg under 18/6 or 24 hour of light but my question is will it F*** with my babys if i change from 18/6 to 24 of light, my light should shut off in like 2 hours so if anyone input would help ASAP.
  2. WHY??? why do you want to run your lamp 24/7 its just a waste of electric and from what i can gather the plants do most of there growing at NIGHT so my advice is LEAVE IT ALONE!!
  3. im transplanting them right now and i didnt want to put them in darkness after i just watered a transplanted. so do you think it would be alright to put them in 6 hour of darkness after translanting them?
  4. I can't disagree with Coagsy more. He is wrong on this one by a mile.

    Your best growth rate during veg is a 24 hours on light cycle. You will lose growth at a relative rate for every hour you turn your lamp off.

    Not to say there is no place for altered light schedules. During the hot summer months I can find 105 reasons to keep the lamp off for the six hottest hours of the day.

    The big problem with 18/6 schedule is, it takes 25% longer to reach your target veg height. In the long run you save no electricity.

    Lets look at your question now:
    We are talking about changing the light schedule to your set of clones or real young plants? I would have no problem doing this to clones or saplings. I would have issues doing it to a plant that is a few weeks from flowering. You will be fine switching your light cycle either way at this point in your grow.

    Peace, R.
  6. there are many ways to do everything. while one way may work wonders for one grower, it might prove harmful to another. there are 3 lines of thinking w/ light amounts in veg. 2 have been mentioned above w/ their pros & cons. the other thought is a 20/4 schedule. plants do some of their processes during dark & as said earlier is rare in nature to have constant light.

    to touch on the inital Q... nm, see i'm too late to offer advise. curosity's got me, what did ya do w/ 'em?
  7. My plants must never grow by your logic.

    So now I have stressed out plants that don't yeild well?

    The folks at Advanced Nutrients did a scientific study on this topic. I saw the results on one of the Urban Grower shows. They found a 24/7 (always on cycle) out performed any other cycle they could come up with for veging. It showed a relative slow down in growth for every hour in the off position. The study was done with a few hundred plants in a controlled indoor lab at Advanced Nutrients in Canada.

    It just did not seem right to me at first. Seems like god wants plants to sleep. Then I tried it. I had to reduce my veg cycle by four days. Even though it feels unnatural to us, the plants will cycle faster if the lights are left on. I reluctantly changed my mindset and switched to the lights on for veging. It is the best way.

    I used to veg 14 days total, now I got it down to 10 (by keeping the lights on). So I have saved about 30% of my total veg time. It comes out to about the same savings as 18/6(25%) except I get my plants past veg in less time.

    So if you want to grow weed slower use Coagsy's advice .


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