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Need quick advice from experienced/educated tokers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kaimor, May 9, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,

    My friend just called me offering to smoke a joint. The weather is awesome and my month long tbreak is over. The only problem is that I've been sick for 3 weeks (not connected to tbreak). I'm almost fine, just have a little fever (37C or 98.6F) left. Is it OK for me to smoke a little j with my bro? I suppose it should be because I smoked weed while sick before, but I wanted to make sure by asking your opinion.

  2. yes!!! infact you will be feeling better than you were for the past month i bet!!
  3. Marijuana is a medicine. Smoke it, you will feel better.
  4. i smoke right through my times in sickness...
    i dont know if it is okay to do, but i havent had any harm come from it, and i dont think i have gotten anyone sick by sharing if thats what your implying..

    and isnt 98.6 the normal temp? lol not really a fever....
  5. yeah bro ur good, should be a extremely invigorating joint.
  6. There's nothing wrong with it health wise. Only thing that you should worry about is getting your friend sick cause you guys will be passin that joint.
  7. I wouldn't just because you might spread sick germs through the joint.
  8. 98.6 F is the normal body temperature, go ahead and smoke.
  9. I always smoke when im makes everything better except u still can sneeze. Thats pretty much it, if u have a sore throat or anything u'll still notice it being different than normal but it makes it feel like u dont have it anymore.
  10. Your temp is fine - smoke up and enjoy yourself, you are prob ill because you haven't been smoking lol :D
  11. Yes.

    Weed, better then any chemically manufactured medication.
  12. I agree to the getting your friend sick theory, and your body temp is fine as mentioned. If your a people who also like cigars(blunts) to smoke with do that and just take a lighter flame to the mouth piece before passing it to kill germs. I suggest the blunt because it will tolerate the flame treatment better.
  13. at least for me when im smoking sick , i forget that im sick at all and i feel great .
  14. ay man, can I come hit that with you guys?

    (in other words, go for it man- absolute worst case scenario is your buddy gets sick. and that seems semi-unlikely)
  15. Yeah do it, you will be fine most definitely and you will feel amazing after a month t-break! :D

    Also if you've been sick for that long and are coming out of it, the incubation period of your illness should be over so you won't be contagious :)
  16. If your temp is 98.6F then your fever is gone and you are more than likely no longer contagious, so go smoke and enjoy. Any symptoms you have left over from your sickness should be alleviated once you toke up.
  17. Thanks guys, I knew I could count on you. Just a couple of things; I've also heard that 37C is the new standard of a normal temperature, but I don't believe it because for ages the normal temperature of the body was 36,6C and it still is for me and all the people and doctors I know. Maybe the conversion result is different from the original, so you might have misunderstood the fever part, but trust me I still have it. I was very exited to smoke that joint, but my friend's car broke down so we couldn't meet and smoke that j. I guess I'll have to wait till the weekend, like I planned. I think I will be complete cured by then and my fever will be gone, because I'm undegoing some proper treatment for sinusitis. I will tell you about the joint once I smoke it. Thanks and stay tuned.
  18. The commonly accepted average core body temperature is 37.0 C (98.6 F) however the typical oral measurement is slightly cooler, at 36.8C, or 98.2 F - seriously as someone with over 10 year medical experience you should be fine to smoke, but sinusitis sucks balls, I had that over Xmas, which was fucking gay :smoke:
  19. #19 ChucklesT, May 9, 2011
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    When it was originally converted the person doing the math rounded off before converting. The temp should actually be lower than 98.6.

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