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  1. After years of fixing video game consoles, I finally decided to get a PS3 (for free). I do have a 360 but I barely play it. IMO, the ps3 is the best video game console you can have since it doubles as a blu-ray player which is patented by Sony (i think). Anyway, I was looking into some games that would be fun to play while being visually pleasing. FPS games don't really interest me anymore, I'm looking more for, but not limited too, RPG and adventure games. I don't really want something new or newly released games that cost $60 (except for the next Assassin's Creed which I'm excited about). Some of the games I've been looking at are Demon Souls and Heavy Rain. Any suggestions?
  2. Demon's Souls is a hard game.
  3. God of war 3, Killzone 2 are both a MUST-HAVE in my, (half the universe opinion)
    Little Big Planet is also great.
  4. Heavy Rain is one of the most amazing gaming experiences I've had, so that is a must. God of War III is worth it, especially if you're a fan of the series since it ties it up relatively well. The graphics definitely make it a great buy. Little Big Planet is fun for just messing around for an hour or two, or serious play, depending on your mood.

    Brütal Legend is a pretty fun game, mostly if you're in the mood to hear some metal and wail on some demon priests.

    And for RPGs, obviously you have Oblivion IV and Dragon Age to keep you company there. You could also try the Uncharted series for your adventure itch.
  5. Fallout 3


    GTA 4
  6. i went for killzone 2, skate 3, and motorstorm as my first games.

    killzone 2 is great, but to be honest, the controls pissed me off too much to play it often. not so much the button layout but more-so the slow analog turning and how clumsy the aiming was.

    then a family friend who works for sony tossed me a free copy of mod nation racers, which is the sony version of mario kart. that game was DANK
  7. This. And any expansions / add ons for those three are worthy of purchase.

    Uncharted series is an amazing experience. So is Metal Gear Solid 4.

    Also, demons souls, battlefield bad company 2, red dead redemption are a couple other good ones
  8. Demon souls

    FF13 (way better on PS3)

    Resistance 1 (not your typical shooter)

    Ratchet and clank tools of destruction AND a crack in time

    God of war 3 and the GoW collection

    Uncharted 1 and 2

    METAL GEAR 4 IS A MUST FOR ANY PS3 OWNER! (as well as GT5, when it releases)
  9. Fallout 3 is great. Or you could wait for Fallout New Vegas (October 19, iirc).
    Oblivion IV (I couldn't get into it much, but there's no denying its a stellar game. I'm going to try it again soon for that reason alone)
    Demon's Souls. Hard, but really rewarding dungeon crawler. Pvp is fun.
    Sacred 2.
    Two Worlds 2 releases soon, so does Fable 3.

    Mass Effect 1+2 (I like 2 way more) if you still are open to xbox360.
    Dragon Age, Dragon Age: Awakening, soon Dragon Age 2.
    Oh yeah, Dragon Age and Dragon Age. Hands down my favourite modern RPG, the best story I've seen (cliche sometimes, but so good)
    Final Fantasy 13

    There's a couple more if those don't float your boat. Should be something there to cover all rpg genres though.
  10. As other have said God of War III and Kilzone 2 are must haves, as well as oblivion for the RPG, and Fallout 3 the one I haven't seen so far that is at least in my opinion a great play is Bioshock 2.

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