Need ppl opinion on this picture of white widdow

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  1. Hi, ok i have just grown up two mother plants from seed, which are white widdow. They are growing but after 5 weeks they really aren't as big as i expected them to be, this is my first time growing white widdow & they seem quite small.

    Anyways, the leaves are starting to crisp up at the edges, which in my experiance they look like they have nutrient burn, but the medium i am growing in which is cocoa peate doesn't normaly have this kind of problem. Since they are only four weeks old & they are still only being fed between 12 n 14 cf i cant quite understand why this has happend.

    It has been really hot as of late, but i dont think thats the problem. I have just flushed them and im about to take a reading to see what the medium was holding in the pot, but to be honest im sure it will be what it should be as they are only 4 - 5 weeks old and are on weak solutions of food etc.

    Im going to show off some pictures for your opinions on what you think it could be.
  2. wheres the pic?
  3. for some reason the yupload isnt working, wil try again later to see if it was a server error
  4. Do these look big enough for 4 n a half weeks?

    Never grown white widdow befotre and dont know what to expect from it.

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  5. hoping it works this time

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  6. haha, uh that looks pretty big to me
  7. High HyDrOpOnIcS,
    Have you checked the pH of the drainage runoff?
    Are you using straight coconut fiber(coir), or mixed with peat moss? Peat has a pH of about 3.8, coir, about 5.
    The plants look okay to me, very sweet. Heat can cause the leaf edges/tips to curl upward, The browning could be a pH issue masquarading as a magnesium deficiency.
    But most likely it is fert burn, because these babies are too young for adult food. What do the cotyledons look like?
  8. i know this isnt my thread but i was reading and my coytolons or whatever they are have all shrivveled up and died, on all 3 of my plants. is that normal. i am now using any ferts. should i?
  9. Howdy, MonArch, those cute little pads are like the yoke to a chickembryo. They are how I guage when to start ferting. First tell us some more about your set-up, such a the lights, soil, sizes of plants and containers.
    If your plants are still growing well and looking healthy, don't worry, because even if the cotyledons are gone, with enough foliage for photosynthisis, and traces of nutes in the soil, they may be fine for quite a while yet. Depends on the soil.
    Just remember this about ferts: the less you use, the better. You won't kill your babies by underferting them, unless you are a crazed maniac who deliberately lets them starve to death. But that takes patience. Overferting, on the otherhand, is very easy to do, and can kill very quickly unless drastic measures are taken.
    Earth girl recommends taking no action until an analysis of your set-up has been undertaken.
    Pleased t'meecha, L8R, eg
  10. It looks like a slat build-up or fert burn to me. Check your Ph and if possible check the EC of any fluids.
  11. those plants look good for 4 and a half weeks. One of my plants was a lot taller for that time period but yours has more leafs. The size sometimes depends on how much light they are getting. Cause you know the more light marijuana plants get the faster they grow. Its all about the buds anyways.
  12. Wow Hydro,
    I can not believe that those are only 4-5 weeks old. And to think that you have such strong looking side branches for only using one seed per plant.
    The same thing happened to my plants and the leaves looked exactly the same way.
    Otherwise, those look really nice.
  13. sorry i didnt reply but ive been gone for 4 days. Im not sure about the soil but it was 12 8 12 or somethingbefore i transplanted them(my problem was before i transplanted) I dont know what other soil i used for transplanting, just some walmart all purpose stuff. I am using 2 40w 4ft floros. I dont know the pot size. But when i transplanted i saw that the roots were alll out of space. I dont know the size of the new pots but they are deffintly big enough. Oh ya now the yellowness is moving up the leaves 4 days after transplanting. The bottom leaves look like maple tree leaves when they fall off in the fall. You know not crispy but the leaf is yellow and the veins still have some green in them. i dont know if im making sence. I also sprayed some soapy water on them before i lleft. i herd it keeps off bugs. but now i have all these random yellow burn type marks. is this from the soap or do i need ferts for some malnutrition problem.
  14. Your problem is beginning to sound like a pH imbalance. When leaves yellow, but the veins remain green, it could be a Mg deficiency, or an Fe shortage(chlorosis). But the most likely cause, especially since you have been using preferted soils, is a pH over 7. Proper pH of soil/water/ferts is all important--more than the materials themselves. Mj can grow in a wide range of conditions as long as the pH is right.
    Now you have changed soils, so wait a week and see if there is marked improvement.
    Get a pH test kit where ever they sell pool and spa supplies, or aquariums, or garden goodies. They are less than $20USD, and will save you alot of unnecessary grief.
    C U L8R, M8! eg
  15. so if pH is a problem what do i do, i saw a ph down thing at a garden center. is that what i need?
  16. Get the test kit, and follow the directions. You won't really know what you have until you test.If you need to lower your pH, try to find a home brewery supply, and get phosphoric acid. Avoid the sulfuric type stuff for pools and spas if you can. It's really nasty, and dangerous to you and the resident flora and fauna. Sometimes you can find stuff made to balance fish ponds, mostly citric acid, and pretty unstable. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it. You gotta do the homework first!

    Eg is happy to help those who want to help themselves. Good growing takes dicipline, determination, and dedication.
    So go in peace and grow goodies!
  17. Thanx for all the replies to my questions, since then i have sorted out the problems. I flush the pots once every two weeks to reduce the build up of nutrient in the pot & alo to correct the ph level which also builds up in the pots.

    One of the mothers is doing pretty well although they still seem a little small for what i'm used to growing. The largest of the two plants stand about 4 feet tall, but thats standing in the pot, which is a fifteen ltre pot.

    I have just taken the first babies from the bigger of the two mothers, i know this will soon bush them out giving me a chance to clip them some more for a bigger grow, which is what i want, quantity aswel as

    I am going to post some pictures to see what your opinions are about them!.

    Here is a pic of the first lot of babies which were taken 5 days ago, so within the next 96 hours i am hoping to see the first of the lil white fury thangs popping out.

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  18. ok heres the mothers, these are just 6 n a half weeks old, still not sure if they are as big as they should be but they seem healthy enough.

    I intend on crowning the larger of the two, hopefully these should yield quite a few healthy cuttings in the future!.

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  19. Just a qucik update of how the babes are doing, these are three weeks old and are going into pots today, the root system is as tony the tiger once said "GREEEEEAAAAAT".

    The mother which i was first woried about has turned into a six foot monster & is bushier than a bushy mans beard thats been treating it with a bushthrush treatment ointment thats for bushing up an already bushy

    Anyways i will update the pics in a weeks time to show ya how they are getting on in the pots.

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  20. lol, oh man thats great.

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