Need Pipe help.

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  1. Hey city. The other day me and my friend went to the park to smoke a few bowls of some sour diesel i had just bought. i pack the bowl and bust a lung inhaling. the damn thing would not hit. so im asking you folks if theres any way to keep my pipe cleaner because its got a weird stem(not sure how to describe this) but basically it has little glass flakes all throughout the stem hole, and i literally have to clean this thing once every like 5 damn uses. any ideas?
  2. Use pipe cleaners instead of q-tips. They're more flexible and you don't have to do a complete cleaning.
  3. Pics would help, ^^pipe cleaners are a nice tool. Although I'm not exactly sure which part is getting clogged.
  4. i cant really get a good picture of the stem im talking about. its hard to see even when your looking at it in person. ill post a pic when im done cleaning it, and thank dawill. im going to run out and get some pipe cleaners right now.
  5. If you kept a little glass container filled with grunge off or simple green. You could just put your bowl in there at night and let it sit over night. When you wake up run some hot water through it and it should look brand new.
  6. just went around to 6 stores. pipe cleaners are almost non existant
  7. Just go to a craft store, you don't need the special ones or anything.

  8. go to your lhs?

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