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need pill check

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by cman3, Oct 17, 2009.

  1. Zantac 75 mg
    Zertec 10mg
    Hydrocodone 500mg

    I know hydro is good but what about the others? any prices these would go for?
  2. First off, the first two are straight garbo. Trash 'em, you have an antacid and an antihistamine.

    Now the hydrocodone is probably a 5/500 (i.e. 5mg hydro, 500mg of crap, usually APAP) but they do make 10/500's as well.

    Next time, look that shit up before you come here asking if you can sell OTC shit.
  3. agreed
  4. rofl @ this thread :hello:
  5. coming from the guy who is bashing on the thizz threads?
  6. this thread just gets better and better.
  7. Hey pal, im gonna come over to your place to wipe your ass for you.

    You got a lot of shit on the go as we can all see.

    You need anything else, you call my personal phone, which will never be busy, so I can do your shit for you 24 hours a day.
  8. lol @ the 15 year old who is stealing pills from his mom's medicine cabinet and trying to sell them.
  9. LMAO!
    OP, change the title of your thread to "need to learn how to fucking use google"
  10. Sorry but i gotta say, i looked at this dudes other posts, and im confident that he is 15. Mainly from the thread he made claiming his "friend" suspected his weed to be laced with mescaline :p
  11. What has happened to people who do theyre own research? have they dissapeared?
  12. Yes. Blame it on drugs being "cool".
  13. No... The people who do research themselves are ninjas, you never see them.
  14. That zantac will fuck you up
  15. Do some research OP, stop being so damn lazy.

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