Need outdoor grow info specifically amount of direct sunlight needed??

Discussion in 'Outdoor Grow Journals' started by Piper Green, Aug 5, 2012.

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    I have 3 wonderful ladies growing and am concerned that i am not giving them enough direct sunlight....see attached pic..
  2. Just get as much sun to them as you possibly can. I hope you get enough sunshine :D
  3. Thank you for responding Buzz,
    My problem is to much sun. Last year I grew only 1 (in ground) and netted 3lb of ok quality smoke. I was told by a guru that to much sun can cause the dark red color of my smoke, at times i found a lil harsh but always stoney. this year i have 3 in 15 gal pots FF&HG for soil and nutes,
    I live in Southern Nevada LONG & HOT sun filled vegging days...just seeing flowers this week. I am concerned that the spot doesn't get enough direct sun and ta boot I covered it with lattice....I will try and post the pic again but last attempt failed. I dunno, I could be overreacting since they appear to be healthy. pic probably not be enough for a good reading but it will give you the set-up I have put together.
    well, won't let me upload pic so i apologize....
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    I hear you on the hot sun blasting down on our plants day after day.


    No worries about the pics, just keep trying, you'll get the hang of it. And it could very well be GC. It does not upload sometimes. :rolleyes: Oh, you can't put a pic on a post you've already submitted ;)

    I'm sure they'll be ok. Mine have full sun everyday in triple digit temps from June until today.
  5. @Pipergreen....I'm glad u asked this question cuz I'm having the same problem. I'm currently growing a purple urkle mother plant and from wen it started as a seed in march up til about 3 weeks ago it looked GREAT...The past couple weeks its been 100+ degrees every fucking day and now my plant is looking bare, empty, sum leaves burnt, and alot of the leaves are yellowing. I'm using a 10 gal bucket (outdoor of course), fox farm soil, lots of pearlite, and its about 2 ft tall right now. Should I keep it out of direct sunlight? or maybe a lil sun and then a lil shade...It just looks like the sun is burning the fuck outta my plant. I wish I could post pics...

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