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  1. My 2 plants are roughly 3 weeks old, few browing leaves. Want to know any ideas to keep em healthier as I'm growing them indoor/outdoor in the rocky mountains.( strain is manitoba poison)
  2. Pics and more info would help us alot like....what kinda light you have and distance from top of plant, what kind of medium are you growing in, what nutes are you using and how often do you feed....what is your water's Ph, etc.
  3. Sorry tried to upload an image before. I'm just growing in organic potting soil that include nutrients, watering every couple days when soil is near dry. Havent tested ph yet but ordered a testing kit

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  4. When you say the soil includes nutrients, do you mean just general compost mixed in with some supplements? Because if so, then I would suggest that you still do need to add nutrients to your water for your plants or you'll have low yeilds even if the plant manages to flourish... If you're looking for a water only solution, try looking at living soil.
  5. Again sorry to not be much help to the help seeking. This is the bag of soil I bought. If need be, I plan on buying nutrients to add. Please tell me your suggestions on what nutrients/ companies to buy from

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    It looks like it's just some nice quality soil... I would suggest feeding your plants with nutrients, fox farm or general hydroponics seems like the popular choice for new growers (I use general hydroponics myself)

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  7. I use Fox Farm Trio nutrients for I grow in Happy Frog soil. I started out my very first grow using the Trio.....its simple to use and produces nice outcomes in my opinion

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