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    15639663291117059299789733155098.jpg 15639663598382827363399477089091.jpg 15639663786058701878903246973989.jpg 15639663949237864589622622543337.jpg 15639664153567280714240872905859.jpg Hi guys wanted to post quick vid of outdoor grow, im in massachusetts, and its nearing end of july, just looking for some honest opinions on my grow, and all advice and info is well accepted!? Thank you, and keep blazing!
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  2. Nothing wrong with that at all..what ya got out there?.
    Only thing i'd change ( and its my opinion not tellin ya what to do).. the trash can is deeper then it needs to be..roots like horizontal growth.
  3. Hey bud, thank you, so i actually had 3 of em in 5gal buckets, one ended up being male, so i figured id use it as a reference for root growth, when i dumped it it was rootbound, so i put one fem in ground, shes.the.darker smaller one in pics(lemon kush), and i wanted one still transferable, so i pit in 22 gal bucket, turns out its to fckn heavy to move anyway lol! What size would u recommend? Oh the plants are gorilla.glue no.4, lem kush, silver haze, and 2 moonshine hazes!
  4. Nice..we have Ak47,bruce banner, gdp and a red cherry berry..we are up in Canada..first time in planters..usually in the woods in holes LOL. We used 17 gallon pots with ocean forrest and promix.. next yr will step up planter size and likely go to beds

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  5. 17 gallon, thats perfect, this is my 4th season, im starting indoor grow, but just luv the outdoor, all organic! I like the smooth highs! Every other season ive germinated seeds indoor, then put em outside in a bed a tilled, and treated! Each year the plants have gotten bigger and healthier, due to the reuse of bed! Only issue is the ants luv the nutritous soil too, been using cinnamon to keep them away, any other advice would be great!? But good luck with grow, if u have any issues or questions, im here!
  7. Beautiful plants!!! I like those buckets, def goin to give em a try
  8. What month did you plant em? I had to start late due to horrible weather in boston area
  9. We are in atl canada..started from seed april 10th to 14th.. transplanted into 2 or 3 gallon pots when they got 3rd set of leaves..went into the 17gallon pots on june 15th and outside same day. Feeding calmag plant prod MJ grow and topdressing with kelp and bokashi..used the plant prod MJ very very lightly..

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  10. Sorry, april 10th-14th, thats when i wanted to start, but weather to harsh, started first week of may, wish mine were lil bigger by now, but still feel good bout em.
  11. What ya use for soil?
  12. So i go 100% organic, i have my own compost pile that has been treated with fruit, mollases, worms, bat guano, i layer the hole with sand, my soil, sand, my soil, and the plants seem to thrive! This is 4th season and each year they get lil bigger, lil healthier due to the reuse of bed! But i have never used soils from stores, all organic and self made/mixed!
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  13. When i start indoor, i will be using different mix, but will still incorporate my soil into the mix!
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  14. Nice! Kelp, i might give that a try! Your plants look real healthy, and good yields ahead, thats 4 sure! Keep in touch through harvest! We can trade i info as well!
  15. Yer in in Nova Scotia..not that far as the crow flies...prob similar climates...when do you usually get kill frosts there.?
  16. Nice plants. Only advice I would give ya is to do a thorough mold preventative out there in new england. Gets wet and cold late season, as you know.

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