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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by JamaicanBakin, Jul 9, 2002.

  1. Disregard my last reaposne about the uv light question... I went the the local flower depot today and picked out some stuff that i really need expert opinions on.. (i will be purchasing these items in a couple days so plz reaspond if you know somethiing that im over looking)

    Potting soil w/ (miracle grow already mixed in) 10qrts
    Heavy Duty timer(up to 23 1/2 hrs
    small turbo fan 14.99
    Fertalizer concentrate 4.00
    25" (33w) Flourecent light 15.99
    w/tax 51.22
    for now ive got a 9" container that i think i might fill with about an inch of aquarium gravle for drainage..
    Im hoping this is a good beginner set. let me know what you think, and if you would know how many plants this could support. should i go for a container that fully darins and what is good light wattage. again im lookin for any advice on this one....
  2. well that's kinda like mine....but i've got a 150w MH should also invest in....a thermometer...a ph tester, digital if possible.....a humidity gauge.....a spray can for misting....and another for misting the folliage with fert as well......and a water probe.....long one......with a gauge from like 1 to 4 1 being dry and 4 being wet.....andf some foil....unless you're gonna paint you're room.....hope this helps....Peace out.....Sid
  3. thanx sid that info will come in handy.. but i got another question. Im planning on growing for only my own personal smoking. so in the end id like to end up with at most 2 females.. and i dont have the money to buy those expsensive ligths that everyone is ravin about..(after all this is a firstime project) should i stick with those 33w flourecent grow lights (if so how many) or shoulf i go with these 150 watt plant bulbs and buy the fixings????
    Also what do you think about the container idea should i keep it as it is with the aqaurium gavel for drainage or get something that fully draines... Do u think i could grow my final 2 plants in their???
  4. you're gonna need another pot that size if you plan on growing 2 gives the roots plenty of room to grow....also it will help with stability as when she flowers she will double or even treble in size.....the light you have isn't strong enough to grow with......i paid £70 for my Mh light.....which is expensive howevber if you're in the States you can buy a good priced one from you may wanna go for a HPS that way you can go from start to finish with it......however there seems to mixed reaction about the benefits of MH during for the gravel...i don't use any and my plants are fine....just make sure there's drainage holes in the bottom....Peace out.....Sid
  5. u the man sid.. i let u know how things are goin peace brotha.....
  6. Use that little flourescent for the seedlings/clones....

    And I just responded to the other

    good luck...have fun..


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