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Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by M.G.orilla, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. Hi,Im new to the HEY!
    ANyway on with the question......Ive recently been doin research on hydroponics and if its feasible for me to invest seeing as how id be growing in a closet.In this research i found Stealth Hydro and thier bubblponics system.Since i have no experience with hydroponics i have no clue as to if its worth while.And seeing as how compact of a system it is i figured itd be perfect. Id appreciat all the info and opinions i can get.....Thanks
  2. come on nobody???
  3. That looks like a good hydro system.
    It should grow nice plants without a question.
  4. ditto. That thing looks pretty good. Simple, yet effective.
  5. I would grow organically with soil and all organic products and nutes... BLACK GOLD potting soil mixed with earthfood YUM YUM mix is a great way to grow and i have had great results.. i too only have a closet to grow in so i recomend SEA OF GREEN or SOG do a search on it.. or LST training FIMing and topping are all ways to make better use of a smaller space.. GOOD luck bud! SMOKE ON:smoke:

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